Prohibited / Restricted Items



AuctionNinja is an online auction software used by estate liquidation and auction house licensees/vendors to sell estate and secondhand personal property to bidders/buyers. AuctionNinja does not choose the merchandise listed on the site. It is the responsibility of both the buyer and seller to know, understand, and adhere to all prevailing federal, state, and local laws and regulations for what may or may not be sold in accordance with the law. 

When listing items for sale on AuctionNinja, licensees/vendors attest that the items that they are listing do not violate any US laws, policies or restrictions on items from countries that have restrictions and regulations in place with the US government. 

Any violation of this policy may result in immediate removal of the lot in question, censure of the licensee and/or buyer, and/or expulsion from the platform.

The AuctionNinja audience will have the ability to report alleged violations of AuctionNinja’s prohibited items using the Report Item capabilities on the site. To report a violation, simply click the REPORT ITEM icon (found under  the item description) and follow the prompts to complete the form. Upon submission, the AuctionNinja administrative team will receive an alert and will open an investigation into the claim of alleged violation and take any necessary action.

Unilaterally, AuctionNinja prohibits the listing and sale of the following  items on the site including:


Stolen or illegally gained goods

Listing or the sale of stolen or illegally obtained goods violates state, federal, and international law. If such a listing is brought to our attention AuctionNinja will immediately contact the appropriate authorities and provide any pertinent documentation to aid in their investigation. Responsible parties will be immediately banned from the AuctionNinja platform. (Please note that selling stolen or illegally gained goods may be punishable by law.)


Illegal items

Child pornography, human parts, human remains, and/or items that require background checks, drugs, medical prescriptions/prescriptives, medical devices, embargoed goods, etc. (Please note that selling illegal items may be punishable by law.)


Knock-off / counterfeit goods 

Copyright  infringement, reproductions or replicas of a trademark/brand/logo/insignia item, any product with an illegally used trademark/brand/logo/insignia, counterfeit money, pirated/unauthorized copies of copyrighted materials such as movies/television shows/Records/CDs/Tapes/DVDs, etc. (Please note that selling knock-off/counterfeit goods may be punishable by law.)


Offensive items 

Any merchandise which  is discriminatory against any race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation is not tolerated; merchandise that glorifies or capitalizes on human tragedy and suffering including any material depicting someone in a negative light including (but not limited to) racist, anti-semetic, human trafficing, slavery memorabilia, Nazi memorabilia, KKK related materials, Aryan Brotherhood, Neo-Nazi, contemporary/modern confederate memorabilia, etc.


Alcohol & tobacco

Spirits, open alcoholic beverages, wine, etc.  to unlicensed vendors. Permitted if  the licensee has a liquor license / license to sell alcohol / is  licensed/permitted by local/state government to sell alcohol.

*Exceptions may be granted for approved charity auctions, per approval from AuctionNinja.


Prohibited substances 

Drug paraphernalia,  ivory, wildlife, wildlife products, endangered species, endangered species taxidermy, products derived from threatened and/or extinct species, live animals, etc. (Please note that selling prohibited substances may be punishable by law.)


Post-Civil War firearms* and/or destructive items

 Any post-Civil War firearm and/or firearm requiring an FFL (Federal Firearms License) for transfer, bombs, explosives and combustibles (fireworks, TNT, dynamite, grenades, black powder, toy gun caps, explosive fuses, exploding targets, flash paper, gas, etc.), volatile substances,  modern ammunition, etc. (Please note that selling of firearms and/or destructive items may be punishable by law.)

*A note about toy guns: Licensees must clearly list toy guns (e.g., air guns, bb guns, paintball guns, etc.) as a toy in the item’s lead. Many modern toy guns are manufactured to look like assault weapons. The average AuctionNinja buyer may not know the difference unless the item lead specifically states “TOY” or “NOT A REAL GUN” or some other very clear verbiage that specifies that the lot is not a real modern-day firearm weapon. Licensees who fail to appropriately label toy guns as such are subject to immediate removal of the lot in question and/or censure of the licensee. Repeated offenses may lead to expulsion from the platform.


Hazardous and/or radioactive materials 

Including, but not limited to x-ray devices, plutonium, uranium, poisons, carcinogens, mineral specimens containing uranium and arsenic, etc. (Please note that selling hazardous and/or radioactive materials may be punishable by law.)


Services* and “alternative” currencies 

Coupons, gift cards, vouchers, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, lottery tickets, credit cards, debit cards, services, etc.

*Exceptions may be granted for the auction of services and gift cards for approved charity auctions, per AuctionNinja approval.


Misrepresented or stolen Native American/American Indian antiquities, artifacts, arts & crafts

Offer or display for sale, or sell any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Native American / American  Indian produced, a Native American / American  Indian product, or the product of a particular Native American / American  Indian  tribe, arts and crafts organization, or resident.Nor any misrepresented, items obtained from government / protected land, historical grave sites, shipwrecks, sacred funerary objects, sacred ceremonial objects, arts, crafts, and/or cultural items. 

Please note that under the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, items described as American Indian, Native American, or Alaska Native,  must be made by an enrolled member of a state/federally recognized tribe or someone certified as an Indian artisan by a recognized Indian tribe. (Please note that selling misrepresented or stolen Native American / American Indian antiquities, artifacts, and/or arts and crafts may be punishable by law.)


Motor vehicles without clean titles

Currently leased vehicles. vehicle  leasing offers, vehicles missing titles,  vehicles with missing VINs (unless vehicle manufacture pre-dates VINs), vehicles with liens, etc. "Motor vehicles" include cars, trucks, vans, trailers, motorcycles, campers, marine vehicles such as boats, wave runners, etc. It is the responsibility of the licensee/vendor and customers/bidders to do their due diligence before listing and/or purchasing any motor vehicle lot.