AuctionNinja Privacy Policy

AuctionNinja respects your privacy. 

As a result, AuctionNinja will never sell your information nor your customers' information to any third party for any reason.

This Privacy Policy summarizes how AuctionNinja collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects your personal information to help maintain a safe, online environment encompassing AuctionNinja (the “Site”). By accepting this Privacy Policy and the AuctionNinja TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS in your registration for use of AuctionNinja, you consent to AuctionNinja handling of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is effective immediately upon acceptance for new AuctionNinja Users and is otherwise effective on March 23, 2018, for existing site Users (superseding any earlier versions of the Privacy Policy).

This Privacy Policy may be updated with amendments posted on the Site at any time. Privacy Policy amendments take effect automatically after their posting, unless otherwise indicated.



Perusal of the Site may be done anonymously. However, use of the Site and its features requires AuctionNinja’s collection of your personal information in order to enhance safety and efficiency for the interactive AuctionNinja community, and provide you with services and customer support. Your personal information will also be used to: compare information for accuracy and verify information with third parties; resolve disputes; collect fees; troubleshoot problems; assess and improve AuctionNinja services and advertising; prevent prospective prohibited or illegal activities; and, enforce the AuctionNinja TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS.

Should you decide to provide AuctionNinja with your personal information and use the Site, you consent to the transfer and storage of your information on AuctionNinja servers located in the United States. AuctionNinja uses many methods to protect your personal information from unauthorized access; however, third parties may unlawfully intercept/access private communication and transmissions of the Site, and other Users may abuse/misuse your personal information they gather from use of the Site. Thus, although protection of your privacy is very important to AuctionNinja, and AuctionNinja employs many methods to protect your privacy, AuctionNinja cannot guarantee that your personal information and communications will remain private.

Personal information that AuctionNinja collects from AuctionNinja Users include: email addresses; physical contact information; financial information (credit card and/or bank account numbers); shipping, contact and billing information to be revealed in transactions for the purchase or shipment of an item; dispute resolution; correspondence through the Site and sent to AuctionNinja; and, transactional information (bidding, buying, selling, item and content you generate or that relates to your account) based on your AuctionNinja activities. Specific information gathered may depend on the types of AuctionNinja services used. You are able to review and change your personal information at any time on your personal Dashboard in order to keep your information up to date.

AuctionNinja will generally not manually change your personal information due to the difficulty in remote verification of your identity; thus, you are required to review and update your personal information on your Dashboard expeditiously and regularly. Personal information is retained from closed accounts in accordance with governing laws, to identify and discourage fraud, resolve outstanding and prospective disputes, aid in any transactional and account investigations, enforce the AuctionNinja TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS, take actions permitted by law, and collect outstanding and owed fees.

User Name & Password:  In signing up for the use of the Site and its services, you will choose an available Username (User Identification, User ID) for your identification. Your Username is the means by which other AuctionNinja Users immediately recognize you and is displayed throughout the Site, and as such, is viewable by AuctionNinja and Sellers upon successful bidding. All of your activity on the Site may be tracked to your Username (past purchases, bids, items for sale, etc.).

As part of your registration process with the Site, you will be required to create and assign a password for your account. Since your password serves as the critical key to your account, and is the primary means of your account’s protection, a unique combination of letters, numbers and/or special characters should be used to prevent other people from accessing and using your account without your authorization and permission.

Your password should not be shared with anyone, and if you choose to disclose your password with others, you are responsible for and legally bound to all actions taken on behalf of your account, including those actions done by others with whom you have shared your password and have accessed your account.

Additionally, your personal account information is accessible, viewable and modifiable by the person who enters your account via your password. Should you lose control of your password, your personal information may be vulnerable to the people that have your password, and you may be subjected to legally-binding actions they take on behalf of your account. Thus, if your password for any reason has been undesirably compromised, you should immediately notify AuctionNinja of the situation and change your password in your Dashboard. Regardless, for your protection, AuctionNinja recommends that you change your password regularly.

AuctionNinja is not responsible in any way, shape or form for actions, purchases and fees incurred resulting in part or whole—directly or indirectly—from unauthorized access and use of your account (including hacking); AuctionNinja is not responsible for, or liable to issue, any refund, restitution or compensation for such incidents and occurrences.

AuctionNinja provides you with choices and options on your Dashboard about how you would like to be contacted. AuctionNinja will provide you with notice if this AuctionNinja Privacy Policy changes. If you reject such changes, please immediately terminate your use of the Site; your continued use of the Site after such changes are set forth will imply your consent and acceptance of the changes. Any changes will be posted on the Site with their associated date of effect. Based on your preferences set on your Dashboard, you may be contacted about service updates and promotional offers.

AuctionNinja shares your personal information with other AuctionNinja members in accordance with this AuctionNinja Privacy Policy to help facilitate transactions and to allow members to contact you. Disclosed information includes, but is not limited to, names, Usernames, shipping, and contact information.

AuctionNinja shares your personal information with Internal Service Providers (i.e., I/T, technical support, Sellers) for AuctionNinja operations only to facilitate or outsource a AuctionNinja service or operation when absolutely necessary and under confidential restrictions.

AuctionNinja also may disclose limited personal contact information to verified requests by law enforcement/government officials for criminal investigations, enforcement of AuctionNinja policies, and claim responses regarding potential violations of other User rights and/or compromises in User safety, rights or property, in accordance with this AuctionNinja Privacy Policy.

Unless otherwise noted, this Privacy Policy only addresses the collection, storage, use and disclosure of information that AuctionNinja collects from you. AuctionNinja will not sell nor release your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes and will only disclose your personal information in accordance with this AuctionNinja Privacy Policy AND THE TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS described herein and/or with your explicit consent.

Should you choose to release your personal information to other site Users (Bidders, Buyers and/or Sellers), different rules and regulations may apply to their collection, storage, use and disclosure of information, and you may be subject to their requirements as applicable. AuctionNinja does not control, affiliate with, nor recognize and is not responsible for the privacy polices of third parties; thus, AuctionNinja recommends that you inquire and familiarize yourself with other Users and third parties prior to releasing your information to them.

Should you choose to opt-in to sharing your email address with a specific licensee/vendor/seller and later wish to opt-out, any and all opt-out requests must be directed to the specific licensee/vendor/seller.



AuctionNinja does not allow and tolerate spam, spoofing and spyware. Licensees/Vendors/Sellers may not add other Users to email or traditional mailing lists without the User's explicit consent (opt-in), even if the licensee/vendor/seller was involved in a transaction with the User. The Site’s communication tools may not be used to distribute spam or used for other purposes or to send content that are in violation of the AuctionNinja TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS. Users should be careful of and avoid spam, viruses, phishing, and other malicious, illegal, and prohibited activities and content.

To report incidences of spam, spoofing and spyware, please send AuctionNinja a message using the contact AuctionNinja form.



Cookies are small data files put on your hard drive containing information about your use and access of the Site. Cookies are used to help identify and keep you signed into the Site. Cookies are also used to aid in trust and safety while assessing site traffic. Most cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted from your hard drive upon the end of your session. You may opt not to accept AuctionNinja cookies should your browser permit it; however, the Site may offer certain features and uses that are only available through your allowance of cookies.



AuctionNinja discloses limited personal information to the Users involved in the final transaction as part of the transaction completion process; personal information of both the Seller and winning Buyer is revealed to each other by AuctionNinja in order to facilitate and complete the transaction. Disclosed information includes, but is not limited to, names, Usernames, shipping, and contact information.

AuctionNinja recommends that Sellers reveal their individual privacy principles to other AuctionNinja Users, and respect and adhere to the privacy preferences of other AuctionNinja Users. AuctionNinja cannot guarantee the security or privacy of your information; thus, AuctionNinja recommends that you obtain, assess and evaluate the privacy and security policies of other Users prior to engaging in potential transactions with them and sharing of your information.

Transactions on the Site may present you with the opportunity to gather information about other Users and maintain a database of this information. Gathering personal information about other AuctionNinja Users is strictly prohibited without their explicit consent. You must give other Users the chance to regularly review what information you have collected and stored about them, and allow them to remove themselves from your database at any time. You agree to use other AuctionNinja User information only for purposes related to AuctionNinja transactions and offered services that the other User explicitly consents to, and NOT for unsolicited commercial messages and advertising.



Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please send AuctionNinja a message using the contact AuctionNinja form.







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