Terms & Conditions

Describing condition of cards, especially vintage, is not easy. We all have to be on the same page. So, how do I do it?

I typically use the PSA scale to describe cards. You can find the scale here. 

I recently had a buyer say to me that the older cards were in pretty rough shape, and I described those specific cards as "Good" in the auction, What "Good" means to me might mean something different to someone else. The scale above will help.

For example, "Good" means it might grade a 2. that means the card's corners have accelerated rounding and surface wear is starting to appear obvious. There might be scratches, scuffs, some light stains, chipping and even several creases. Centering could be as poor as 90/10 on both the front and back. 

Here are the cards I rated "Good"

See what I mean? I think "Good" is a pretty fair grade for those three cards. Saying a card is in "rough" shape doesn't mean anything to me. Because a rough card can still be a good card. In fact, most good cards probably do look a little rough. There are only stages "fair" and "poor" left. 

I hope the PSA scale helps understand what my descriptions means. Of course, if you ever have a concern, talk to me first. 

With that said, absolutely no returns unless unusual circumstances. Having a return policy on cards is really uncommon and unfair to the seller when he/she fairly describes the card. However, if I deem a card mint and you get it with a crease or a chip or a big scratch, then we can work something out. I just want you to be happy

We do ship at your expense. 

Payment is due within 24 hours of invoice. 

Pick ups are allowed but Covid restrictions must be followed: all bidders must be masked and practice social distancing of six-feet. You can schedule your pick ups after hours beginning 7pm-10 pm EST or 7AM-9AM est. Your items will be left on porch with security cameras to pick up safely. 

Tax must be added to all orders. NYS has an 8.75% sales tax rate. 


note on shipping:

We are not a huge auction house nor are we a large company with dozens or even hundreds of employees. I had ship each order myself. That does not happen overnight. So, please, keep that in mind when you order that after an auciton ends it can take UP TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR orders to get mailed out. That means we have auctions every Thursdays, so it could be as long as next auction night, the following Thursday, before orders are shipped for the previous auction. It has never taken that long. Most orders are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays. But it could take that long. And that's not long at all when one person is hand packaging every order and I get in excess of 20-30-40 orders, some as small as $4. We appreciate you bidding, and winning, but patient is a virtue.