AuctionNinja Bidders Can Now Rate Their Experiences

Blog Written by AuctionNinja Staff
Written by: AuctionNinja Staff
November 30, 2020 Updated 04:06 PM
November 30, 2020 Updated 04:06 PM
Introducing the AuctionNinja rating system.

Five.  ✪        Four.         Three.  ✪      Two.  ✪      One. 


AuctionNinja's Marketplace bidders have asked. AuctionNinja has heard and responded. Many of our loyal bidders have asked for a way to leave feedback (positive and negative) on the various vendors/licensees selling on the AuctionNinja Marketplace. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new vendor rating system.

If you are a bidder, you may easily and quickly rate your experience with a five-star rating system once your entire transaction is complete. Here's how it works....

As you've seen in the video, you may rate those vendors with whom you've done business in three very quick steps in several key areas:

✪  Overall experience with the vendor/licensee
✪  Listing accuracy, seller responsiveness, and pick-up experience
✪  Leave comments or more detailed feedback

To access the rating system, simply login to your dashboard. Click "MY ACCOUNT" and go to the INVOICE tab. Once your sale has been marked "completed" by the vendor (i.e., the items have been paid and picked-up), then the "RATE" option will appear next to the respective transaction invoice. Click "RATE" and follow the prompts. It's that easy!

PLEASE NOTE: Bidders will see "RATE" in the options column after the entire transaction is completed (after pick-up and payment). Upon completing any rating on any given transaction, the "RATE" option will disappear for that transaction.

While the feedback provided by our bidders will initially help AuctionNinja administrators better monitor the licensees using the platform and is not yet visible to the public, the rating information will become public-facing in the near future (as other system upgrades become available).




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