AuctionNinja | FAQs


How can I opt-in to receive AuctionNinja sale notifications in my area?

You may opt-in to receive email notifications about sales powered by AuctionNinja by clicking "Sign Up" in the menu bar.

How do I build my own newsletter options?

The AuctionNinja platform allows you to customize the information you recieve about vendor sales. You may do this with the "Build Your Newsletter" option. To access this, simply login to your dashboard. Hover over the "Your Account & Bids" menu tab and select "Build Your Newsletter" in the drop down box. From here you can filter the vendors you see by state and a zip code radius.

You will see all the current licensees/vendors who are located within your parameters. Simply click the heart icon in each vendor's box to either follow or unfollow that specific vendor (gray heart is unfollow, red heart is follow). You will then only receive emails when there are sales provided by those vendors you follow.

Be sure to periodically update your choices, as new licensees/vendors register and you may want to follow their sales too.