AuctionNinja | FAQs


What is my dashboard?

Your personal, password-protected dashboard allows you to track your bidding history, favorite lots, and more. The dashboard is essentially your account profile. From your dashboard, you may update your personal information at any time -- including billing address, credit card, etc. You may view your consignments with individual vendors (if you're a consignor) and/or your past purchased. Additionally, if you're following several lots from a variety of vendors, you may manage your bids directly from your dashboard vs. trying to watch multiple auctions simultaneously. In other words, manage your bidding on only those specific lots in which you are interested.

How do I update my credit card?

Cards expire or perhaps you may have gotten an entirely new card. Changing your card is easy on AuctionNinja. You may change your default credit card details at any time by logging onto Click on MY DASHBOARD. Then click on ACCOUNT. Click on BILLING OPTIONS. Next to “Manage Payment Options” click on +ADD CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (in red) and enter your new card info. Voila! Your new card is set.

How do I update my state tax certification / reseller certificate?

Auction Ninja

  Changing/adding your reseller tax ID certificate is easy on AuctionNinja. You may update your information at any time by logging onto Click on MY DASHBOARD. Then click on ACCOUNT. Click on PREFERENCES. Check the box next to TAX INFORMATION. Enter your TAX ID # and be sure to upload a copy of the certificate.

***IMPORTANT: You must include a copy of the certificate in order for your Tax ID to be valid. Providing your Tax ID number only is not enough. It must be accompanied by the certificate. Contact and address information must also match the information on the certificate.***

Why do I need to add my tax exempt/resellers certificate for each company I bid with?

Since AuctionNinja is a bidding platform licensed by individual vendors, they are required to maintain their own set of client reseller certificate records (for IRS and state tax purposes). If they get audited, they need to produce their own documentation. As a result if you are a bidder and have a tax exempt / reseller's certificate, you need to submit that to the individual vendor/licensee. That means, if you bid in three auctions offered by three different vendors, you will need to submit your resellers certificate to each vendor.