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Auction Ninja | FAQs


With the expansion of AuctionNinja into new territories, we have been fielding a lot of questions that have a similar ring to them. So in the hopes of helping our users understand the world of AuctionNinja, here are the most frequently asked questions we receive. Basic Terms Bidding Explained Post Auction Your Account Buyer's Premium Absolute Auction Reserves Extended Bidding ...

AuctionNinja Marketplace Vendors

AuctionNinja Marketplace Vendors


Where in the nation are the AuctionNinja Vendors? (updated June 1, 2020) With humble beginnings in the northeast, AuctionNinja is expanding throughout the country. Everyday new auction houses and estate liquidation companies are signing on to sell on the AuctionNinja online auction platform. As we expand into new territories, we want to help ...

Being Good Neighbors

Auction Ninja | Being Good Neighbors


As our team was drafting this particular blog, one of our members recalled watching Mister Roger's Neighborhood as a child. She mentioned that this is the perfect time for all of us to get back to the basics of childhood and be "good neighbors." You know, the kind that work together ...

St. Baldrick's and Auction Ninja's childhood cancer fundraiser.

Black Rock Galleries' Bald and Beautiful


Snip. Buzz. Whir.  The clean clipping of sharp scissors and the hum of the electric razor will surround the head of fifth grader, Gemma, (daughter of AuctionNinja's founders, Grant and Christie) on March 15, when she bravely bares her beautiful bald head for Osborn Hill Elementary School's Team Teddy for their St. Baldrick's ...

a colorful antique dish sold on an Auction Ninja marketplace.

The Power of the Photo | Auction Ninja


There’s a reason the adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” holds just true today, as it did decades ago. Let’s face it. Most bidders are not going to read your catalog descriptions if they are not first intrigued by your imagery. Imagery lacking appeal, will be passed right over without ...

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Becoming an AuctionNinja Seller | Auctioneer Software


How do I become an AuctionNinja seller? If you are in the estate liquidation business (i.e., auction house or estate sale company) and wish to learn more about AuctionNinja’s platform, please visit our Software page. If you wish to proceed and register as a vendor, please visit our Vendor Sign Up page. You must submit your company details, complete and submit ...

an antique sterling piece sold on an Auction Ninja marketplace.

Stunning Sterling for the Holidays | AuctionNinja


There is just something spectacular about Sterling Silver!  Whether it is in the form of jewelry or a tabletop accessory, Sterling consistently stands the test of time. If you are in the market for something to adorn your holiday tables or a special gift for under the tree, consider the pieces ...

a unique modern lighting fixture sod on an Auction Ninja marketplace.

The Market Price | AuctionNinja


Anyone who has ever eaten at a restaurant that serves fresh lobster has likely seen "Market Price" or Fair Market Price listed next to it on the menu.  It's the restaurant's way of communicating to the diner that because the cost of lobster changes (daily), they can't set a standard price. ...

a classy living room with furniture and decor from Auction Ninja marketplaces.

Auction Ninja | Estate Liquidation Software


Welcome to Auction Ninja! The most comprehensive auction software available to the estate liquidation industry! Designed by estate liquidation pros for estate liquidation pros! Contact us for information on how Auction Ninja can expand your business and put you in a position to be sussessful as the estate industry changes.