5 Irresistible Auction Finds Our Curators Always Choose to Bid on

Blog Written by Tam Tran
Written by: Tam Tran
April 17, 2024 Updated 12:04 PM
April 17, 2024 Updated 12:04 PM

Online auctions offer a treasure trove of exquisite finds, attracting collectors and enthusiasts from all walks of life. To navigate this sea of treasures, we've enlisted the guidance of our esteemed guest curators. Each possesses a distinct perspective and expertise, offering a unique lens through which to explore the auction landscape.

Meet Bailey, Méabh, Sarah, Shoshannah, Linda, Bambi, Becky, and Fawn. From farmhouse-style décor to vintage whimsy, sustainable living to cottage chic, their backgrounds and passions vary, yet they share an unwavering commitment to uncovering extraordinary treasures in the world of online auctions.

Together, they illuminate the top 5 picks that capture their hearts and imaginations. Here they are:

Artwork/Oil Painting

Artwork, specifically oil paintings, could easily claim our top spot on the list! Out of 8 guest curators asked, 4 consistently prioritize them when shopping secondhand and online auctions.

For Linda of @stonecottage2250, Sarah Teresinski of @redeux_style, Becky Fraser of @edwardian_house_interiors, and Bambi Costanzo of @number131 oil paintings serve as the cornerstone of their décor endeavors.

Our guest curators understand the effortless elegance and versatility that oil paintings bring to any space. Whether adorning a cozy reading nook or commanding attention above a fireplace mantel, oil paintings infuse a sense of tranquility and sophistication into the home. Their timeless appeal seamlessly complements a variety of design styles, from rustic farmhouse to classic Victorian.


Hand Painted Framed Oil Painting on Canvas North East Fishing Harbor by John Luini

When sourced through online auctions, these exquisite artworks offer an accessible entry point into the world of fine art collecting. With prices ranging from modest to premium, collectors can uncover treasures that align with their budget while adding an air of refinement to their living spaces.


Darleen Clintsman-Lodge "autumn Colors" Oil on Canvas


If oil painting takes the top spot, the second spot is none other than ironstone.

Shoshannah Criswell of @theblackbeecottage, Linda of @stonecottage2250, and Bailey Archer of @cozycrazing all share a fondness for ironstone, a timeless classic in the world of vintage collectibles.

One of the main attractions of ironstone lies in its ability to complement a wide range of interior styles. Its neutral color palette and understated elegance make it a versatile choice for both traditional and contemporary settings. Whether displayed as standalone pieces or incorporated into eclectic tablescapes, ironstone effortlessly adapts to various design schemes, making it a favorite among collectors.


A collection consisting of six ironstone pitchers and two sauce boats

When it comes to acquiring ironstone pieces, online auctions offer a multitude of benefits. Compared to purchasing brand new items, buying ironstone in online auctions often presents a more cost-effective option. Auctions frequently feature a diverse selection of ironstone wares at competitive prices, providing collectors with the opportunity to acquire unique pieces at affordable rates.


An intriguing and expansive assortment primarily composed of ironstone wares

Moreover, online auctions offer a treasure trove of ironstone finds that may not be readily available in traditional retail outlets. From rare collectibles to vintage treasures, auctions provide access to a wide range of ironstone pieces from different eras and styles. This diversity allows collectors to explore and discover hidden gems that resonate with their personal tastes and preferences.


Following closely behind our top two contenders, oil paintings and ironstone, is the timeless allure of copper. 

Linda and Bambi Costanzo of @number131 have a profound appreciation for copper, drawn to its warm hues and timeless allure.

In the realm of online auctions, sourcing copper treasures, especially kitchenware, is a seamless and rewarding experience. From gleaming copper pots and pans to intricately designed serving trays, these auctions boast an extensive array of copper items to suit every taste and style preference.


Vintage Copper Cookware, 13pcs

Beyond their functional value, copper pieces add a touch of warmth and elegance to any space. Whether adorning a farmhouse-style kitchen or accenting a modern dining area, copper kitchenware effortlessly elevates the decor with its rich hues and timeless allure. The patina and character of aged copper imbue each piece with a sense of history and character, making them coveted additions to any collection.

Price ranges for copper items in online auctions vary, offering opportunities for collectors to acquire unique pieces at affordable prices. Whether seeking budget-friendly finds or investing in premium copper pieces, online auctions provide a diverse selection to accommodate every budget and preference.

Vintage Tableware

Vintage tableware holds a timeless allure, captivating collectors with its delicate beauty and rich history. Whether it's the intricate patterns, the elegant craftsmanship, or the nostalgic charm, there's something undeniably captivating about these pieces of the past.


Vintage Royal Limoges China Set with Green and Yellow Stripe, Made in France

For Méabh Cooney of @cooneynest, vintage China holds a special place in her heart.  "I have a particular soft spot for vintage China. My teacup, teapot and tableware collection is ever growing and I think it's quite incredible to hold these very fragile pieces in your hand and realize that as fragile as they are, they have seen many years and have passed safely from table to table.

I love to wonder how many events they have been part of, how many problems have been solved around this teapot, how many secrets have been shared clutching those cups!" - Méabh told us.


92 Pieces - Vintage Edwin M Knowles Fine China Set Service for 12 Plus

On the other hand, Bambi and Fawn Rumfield of @rumfieldhomestead have a penchant for blue and white tableware. "I'm a sucker for blue and white chinoiseries. No pretty plate is safe from being added to my walls!" - shared Fawn.

While the original price of such prestigious sets might be intimidating, online auctions offer an opportunity to acquire these coveted items at a fraction of the cost. With a discerning eye and a bit of luck, collectors can score remarkable deals, enriching their homes with pieces that exude both elegance and character.

Vintage Books

Linda and Shoshannah find solace and inspiration in the pages of old leather-bound books, each one a gateway to a bygone era.

What sets vintage books apart is not just their age but the stories they hold within their weathered pages. From rare first editions to antique volumes and cherished classics, these collectors value the tactile experience and literary journey offered by vintage books. Each book bears the marks of its own unique history, from the fading ink of centuries-old texts to the delicate scent of aged paper, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wonder.



An extensive assortment of vintage books

Choosing vintage books over brand new ones offers a myriad of benefits. Beyond the allure of their antiquity, vintage books often boast exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting a bygone era of bookbinding artistry. Acquiring vintage books is not just about building a library but preserving a piece of history and culture.

These top 5 picks, always choosen by our esteemed guest curators, serve as beacons guiding your journey into the world of online auctions. May they illuminate your path and enrich your bidding adventures with the thrill of discovery. Happy bidding, and may you find treasures that captivate your heart and soul!


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