5 Influencers Share the Thrifted Items They Can't Resist

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Whether you’re a serious antique enthusiast or occasional weekend thrift warrior, the fun of the hunt is hoping you stumble across the ‘unicorn’ item you’d never pass up. But even if that one item is still waiting to be found, there are probably a few things you’re always drawn to, and let’s face it – probably lugging out to your car.

We asked a few top influencers in the home interiors and design space what their “can’t resist” items are when shopping estate sales and auctions. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Teapots, vintage art, side tables and anything faux bamboo

Auction Ninja

“I have a small teapot collection, and I’m always on the lookout for more. I recently thrifted several copper tea kettles, and they always catch my eye. I’m a big tea drinker! Recently, I’ve been searching for vintage art. I found two landscapes that are part of a gallery wall in my living room. I also love side tables and I’m a sucker for anything that is faux bamboo.” - Erin Harman of @erin.evolving

In the Marketplace:

Auction Ninja

  1. Beautiful Antique C.T. Altwasser German Porcelain Floral Hand-painted Gold Trim Teapot with Sugar Bowl (Come Find Your Treasure)

  2. Red Iron Faux Bamboo Magazine Rack (Bountiful Auctions by Stockbridge and Berry)

  3. Signed Landscape Painting of Verdant Mountains & Stream, by G. Wilcox (Full of Surprizes Estate and Tag Sales Auctions)

  4. Chinoiserie Screen/Stand With Lacquered Panels (Auctions By Smith's)

  5. A Buckingham Mahogany Side Table by Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture (Modern Day Auctions)

  6. Pr. Faux Bamboo Caroline Sheffield English Table Lamps (Auctions By Smith's)

  7. Landscape Painting of Mountains & Stream, Signed by Re-known TV Personality Bob Ross (Full of Surprizes Estate and Tag Sales Auctions)

  8. 'Rockefeller' Elk Antler One Drawer Table (Auctions By Smith's)

  9. RAE DUNN Artisan Line "No Place Like Home" Teapots (Bijoux Estate Sales)

2. Wood chests, side chairs, and mirrors

Auction Ninja

“I can't pass on a beautiful wood chest, small side chairs or mirrors. These pieces fit into all kinds of spaces - hallways, bedrooms, side areas of living rooms and studies. Even if I don't immediately have a spot for them, I can make room, or they will work for a client down the road. Pieces that serve double duty as functional and beautiful are worth the investment in my book. ” - Cameron Jones of @cameronjonesinteriors

In the Marketplace:

Auction Ninja

  1. Empire Bowfront Chest of Drawers with Cookie Corners (Mcinnis Auctioneers & Estate Sales)

  2. Two French Style Custom Painted Side Chairs (Auctions By Smith's)

  3. Fine Robert Goossens Paris Brass Wall Mirror (Auctions By Smith's)

  4. A Pair of West Elm Overlapping Squares Side Chairs (Modern Day Auctions)

  5. Piegatto Pipo Diningroom Side Chairs (Mid-Hudson Galleries)

3. Dishes

Auction Ninja

“Dishes. There’s just something about finding a vintage set of dishes and then setting a table with them. Learning their history, where they were made, the different patterns, and styles.  And I can’t resist an entire vintage set of dishes selling under $100…  And my favorite are the mixed patterns.” - Ann Kittredge of @dabbling_and_decorating

In the Marketplace:

Auction Ninja

  1. Pair of Scalloped Rimmed Chinese Dishes (Mcinnis Auctioneers & Estate Sales)

  2. Herend Rothschild Bird Dinner Plates, 14pcs (Auctions By Smith's)

  3. Pair of Delph Pattern Ironstone Dishes (Vintage Home Decor)

  4. Pristine QUEENSWARE ETRURIA BLUE Dinner Plates by WEDGWOOD (Bijoux Estate Sales)

  5. Lenox Limited Edition 13 Colonies Christmas Wreaths Plate Collection (Simple Sale 123)

4. Garden stools, mirrors, anything chinoiserie, and lamps or plates

Auction Ninja

“I take a totally different approach to secondhand shopping than most people I know. I very rarely look for something specific. Instead, I love the thrill of the hunt and the experience of shopping and the discovery process. I relish in finding things that I never knew I needed but then get and can’t imagine my house without! It is a really authentic way for a home to evolve. I do try to keep a list of key room and space measurements on my phone so that if I am out shopping or perusing auction sites, I can quickly figure out if it will work size-wise in my home.

If I had to name items specifically, some favorites I love to keep an eye out for are garden stools, mirrors, anything chinoiserie, pairs of lamps and plates!” - Kristie McGowan of @kristiemcgowanhome

In the Marketplace:

Auction Ninja

  1. Vintage “Jasper Original” Chinoiserie Secretary (Mcinnis Auctioneers & Estate Sales)

  2. Blue and White Garden Stool (Home Again Consignments)

  3. Pr. Vintage Paul Hanson Lead Crystal Lamps (Auctions By Smith's)

  4. Gold Garden Stool (Associated Estate & Appraisal Co.)

  5. French Style Crystal & Brass Table Lamps (Auctions By Smith's)

  6. Ceramic Glazed Elephant Garden Stool (Associated Estate & Appraisal Co.)

5. Velvet furniture, wool hand knotted rugs, and antique etchings

Auction Ninja

“Furniture and rugs are my two secondhand addictions. We no longer have room in our home for any more rugs or furniture, but I still find myself browsing. I love wood furniture, especially with beautiful wood grain like quarter sawn or burled, and have an affinity for colorful velvet furniture. For rugs, nothing makes me happier than a wool hand knotted rug, it’s incredible how much time and skill goes into making them. We also love antique art, especially paintings, and I have a personal fondness for etchings. And Joe loves antique radios, fans, anything electrical!” - Maggie of @wilfredhouse

In the Marketplace:

Auction Ninja

  1. Pair of Chinese Art Deco Rose Wood and Velvet Armchairs (Auctions By Smith's)

  2. Limited Edition Elfride Abbe Etching, Cross Country Shadows (Auctions By Smith's)

  3. A Very Fine Handmade Persian Wool Rug, 8 FT X 10 FT (Modern Day Auctions)

  4. Nicely Detailed Hand-Woven Wool Rug With Center Medallion In Soft Colors And Very Good Condition (Full of Surprizes Estate and Tag Sales Auctions)

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