Vintage Rugs: Sourcing & Styling Tips with Christie Marie

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Thoughtfully layered pieces in a home can quickly transform a space from stark to cozy. As the weather cools down, vintage rugs are a great way to elevate a room and refresh a space for a new season. 

This week, Christie Marie shares some of the best ways to source great quality, stylish rugs and the best ways to incorporate them into your existing space.


What vintage rugs do you look for on AuctionNinja?

Some things are just better when you buy them vintage and rugs certainly qualify. A genuinely worn, and faded rug is just what you need to make a room feel unique, pulled together, and comfortable. When searching for vintage rugs, the below are my tried-and-true keywords used to refine the search:

·       Turkish rug

·       Oushak rug

·       Persian rug

·       Oriental rug

·       Neutral rug

·       Hand made rug

·       Muted rug

·       Vintage rug

·       Wool rug


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What are the most important factors you consider before buying a rug?

A rug is truly an investment piece that you should have for many years so not only do you need to love it, but it should also be high quality enough to stand the test of time. I always opt for natural fibers like wool because they age beautifully and are relatively stain resistant and easy to clean. I’d also recommend considering how much use the room you are sourcing for is going to get and save your muted, light colored rugs from the living room where the dogs and kids will be playing.


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What colors and prints do you look for in vintage rugs?

One of the most beautiful elements of a vintage rug is the faded and perfectly worn nature of it. When I’m sourcing a rug, I look for neutrals with soft blues or corals mixed in – often in muted tones.


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Christie's Picks

Looking for some perfect pairings to complement a great vintage rug? Check out some of Christie's favorites:


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  1. Vintage Orrefors Bowl and Candlesticks - 5 Pieces (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  2. Antique 2 Part Linen Press Cabinet (Good Merch)

  3. Crystal Votive Holders - Two Orrefors Sweden (Barton Co.)

  4. Mini Sterling Silver Frame (Ridgefield Thrift Shop)

  5. Shell Bookend Brass/Mixed Metal (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  6. Victorian Stretcher Table with Bobbin Turned Supports (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  7. Collection of Indiana Glass Crystal Candlesticks - Set of 8 (Clearing House Estate Sales)


For more sourcing tips and styling inspiration, follow @TheChristieMarie on Instagram.


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