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Halcyon Estate Services will ship some items.  Below are examples of items we ship and those we don't.  There is a handling fee of $10 on all shipping orders regardless of size.  Your credit card will be charged for actual shipping, insurance, plus $10 through Stripe.  If we need to purchase special packaging, this cost will also be charged to you.  (Like odd sized boxes, mailing tubes, over sized boxes.) The card you used to make your purchase will be used for shipping throught Stripe.    Shipping can take 7-10 after the close of sale.  Always call or text before bidding on items you wish to ship.

We do not ship:

Glass, porcelain, crystal, art framed with glass.  Basically anything easily breakable.  

Furniture.  If you wish to have furniture ship, you must contact a freight service and pay them directly.  You must make a special appointment for pick up.  Always call before bidding on items you wish to have picked up by your freight service.