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How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget: Holiday Style for $25 or Less

Auction Ninja

by Lynzi Judish of @lynziliving


As a big Christmas enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for holiday decor, especially interesting or unique pieces. And of course, AuctionNinja has been a big piece of my holiday decor puzzle this year. I’ve found some fabulous pieces that I’ve been able to integrate into my home. 

The best part? I got them all for less than $25! Many of the items were a part of holiday lots where you either blind buy a bundle, or at least some portion of the items are hidden. So most of what I bought was a surprise until I picked them up!

Feeling inspired? I have three big tips for finding great holiday decor in online estate sales and auctions.


1. Keep your eye out for big ticket items in a holiday bundle. 

You know that something like a tree or high quality garland can be very expensive. Before I bid, I like to think about what these items would cost if I were to buy them at full price and then decide what I’d pay secondhand. I then use that price as a general guideline and stick to it. Since I can’t see what I’m buying, I pretend like I’m only bidding on that thing I know I want. If you were bidding to resell the other items, it might be a different story, but when it’s just for you, I think it’s a great way to go about it. This way, if you don’t use the “mystery items,” you still feel comfortable with what you spent.


Auction Ninja


2. Have a running list of the types of things you need or your gaps in your holiday decor. 

By keeping a running list, you’ll always have those items in the back of your mind in case you stumble upon them while browsing auctions or estate sales -- especially at other times of the year when they might not be top-of-mind.  I’ve found all of my pieces at times nowhere near Christmas. They tend to be a bit more affordable when it’s not so close to the holidays since most people aren’t looking for holiday decor in May!


Auction Ninja


3. Throw a few bucks at things you’re not sure about

You never know what you might win and you can always assess once you receive it. I managed to get a mystery Christmas box this summer for $2. It ended up being a box of vintage and 90s candles. Most of the candles were not my taste and I sold them, but I found one beautiful piece (I think from the 60s) that I keep on my bedside table, as well as a ton of taper candles, which made the bid worth it many times over. All of my new green taper candles now live on my dining room table.


Auction Ninja

Highlight Reel: My Best Holiday Scores of the Year

Who doesn’t love a little humble brag when it comes to their favorite thrifted finds? I’m no exception!

I want to tell you about a few more things I came across this year. I found the most fabulous little tabletop flocked Christmas tree. I didn’t love the ornaments that came with it, but that was no big deal. The quality is amazing and coupled with some of my personal ornaments, it fits right in! 


Auction Ninja


My biggest score this year was definitely a lot that included multiple strands of garland. Garland is so expensive and I’ve always wanted some, but couldn’t afford it. The lot I won had four strands -- I had no idea there would be so many! Now I have some for my office mirror, my spiral stairs and even my front porch. 


Auction Ninja


I’ve found so many Christmas decor treasures and you can, too! Next time you’re on AuctionNinja, keep your eyes peeled and have your list ready. You never know what you might find. 


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