The Ultimate 2023 Secondhand Holiday Gift Guide

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Gift shopping that’s thoughtful and easy? The Grinch in you might be thinking, “Yeah, right.” But savvy shoppers know exploring secondhand and vintage items can yield meaningful gifts for everyone on a shopping list.  

Thinking about a person’s likes and interests is often the best place to start. Do they have a favorite author, band, or sports team? Are there product brands they favor above all others? Is there something nostalgic they lost or remember from their past that deserves a revisit? Or maybe you recall something from your own youth you’d like to share with a young family member. There are so many ingenious items that are like new or have sentimental appeal, and in many instances they can ease the pain you’re feeling in your pocketbook this time of year, too.

Have a peek at AuctionNinja’s Ultimate 2023 Secondhand Holiday Gift Guide for unique ideas for everyone.

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Pocketknife in original box

Gifts for Men

Let’s face it, figuring out what to get the men on your list is often one of life’s biggest holiday challenges. Department store men’s selections feel so been there, done that. For once you’d like to find something he’d really enjoy owning. That’s where secondhand shopping comes to the rescue whether you’re buying for dad, grandpa, or another spectacular dude.

Intrigued? Check out these items for inspiration:


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Vintage evening bags

Perfect Presents for Women

Shopping on autopilot is nice enough when it comes to buying for the ladies on your list. But if you really want to pick the perfect present, make it personal. Ideas abound for women of every age from a mom with a beautifully green thumb to a kitchen boss grandma, you can gather up gifts for her with ease shopping secondhand. Oh, and don’t forget the fashion girl and the “hostess with the mostess” on your list.

Peruse these unique finds for the ladies:


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Unopened trading card pack, 1970s

Gifts for Sports Fans and Athletes

Sports fans are some of the most passionate people on the planet when it comes to their favorite teams. Other folks enjoy playing sports as much as watching them. This is one area you can really have fun with since sports-related ideas encompass both novelty and useful items. And remember, a person doesn’t have to be a collector in the traditional sense to appreciate sports-related memorabilia.

Check out these ideas they’ll be cheering about:


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Vintage golf trophy

Great Gifts for Golfers

Drilling down to gift specifics for the sports enthusiasts on your list often leads to the centuries-old game of golf. And wouldn’t you know it, there are many gift ideas to consider for the duffer on your list in a vast range of prices.

Take a gander at some secondhand golf items sure to please:


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Zumba fitness set

Gifts for Fitness Lovers

We all know someone totally devoted to fitness. From gym rats to avid walkers to Pilates pros, recognizing this aspect of a person’s life really shows you care about them. When shopping secondhand, you can often find brand new upgrades or additions to existing work-out gear. Or you can think outside the gift box and grab a collectible related to fitness they’ll just happen to love.

Peruse these options for fitness fanatics:


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Nintendo Zapper game accessory

Gifts for Gamers

Gaming is a serious business these days. Pro gaming competitions are fierce, and even casual gamers get super revved about their favorites. Objects taken for granted in the past like video game cartridges are now graded and slabbed (another word for encapsulated in plastic in the collectibles industry), to keep them pristine. Whether your gaming bestie is an amateur or about to go pro, several secondhand gifts could be just the ticket for a hard-to-buy-for gamer.

Get your gifting game on with these selections:


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Globe for classroom

Gifts Teachers Actually Want

Chances are if the teachers you’re buying for have been educators for long, they have enough apple shaped this and apple shaped that to last a good while. They also have enough teacher-themed everything from mugs to jewelry to clothing. So, what can you find secondhand to make a weary teacher smile before their holiday break?

Check out these gifts sure to delight an extra special educator:

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Vintage "sunnies"

Gift Ideas for Teens

Finding the perfect gift for a teen on your list presents a unique challenge. Since you couldn’t score those Taylor Swift tickets, how can anything possibly be cool enough to impress them? Never fear, secondhand shopping is here. You’ll find a great assortment of goodies just right for a teenager in the secondhand marketplace.

Like, yeah, explore these cool gift ideas for teenagers:


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Vintage hardware tin

Handy Gifts for the Handyman 

The handyman, or woman, on your gift list likely has dreams of their next do-it-yourself project dancing in their head. Furthering that along might entail adding a new tool to a work belt or a new guide manual to a library. After all, reading about working with tools is almost as fun as doing it. They might also find long-forgotten hardware items and curiosities from yesteryear to be entertaining, too, so don’t rule out a vintage find.

Search  secondhand vendors for gift ideas like these:


Auction Ninja

Secondhand Lego sets

Gift Ideas for Kids

While kids usually have a mile-long list of stuff they’re hoping to get as holiday gifts, it’s still fun to surprise them with something unique. From board games you recall being fun to a vintage doll just like the one you had as a child, amazing gifts waiting to become keepsakes can be found in secondhand venues.

Get some nostalgia-packed gift ideas for kids here:


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Music themed artwork

Gift Ideas for Musicians

Next to the teens, of course, musicians might be some of the coolest cats and kittens on your gift list. So, what can you give them that’s just as chill as they are? From vintage guitar picks to musical instruments from other cultures, there are lots of great ideas in the secondhand marketplace. And don’t forget decorative accessories like antique instruments and artwork as options while you’re shopping.

Take a look at some cool items to consider for musicians:


Auction Ninja

Antique race clock

Antique Gift Giving Ideas

Nostalgia runs deep during the holiday season making it the perfect time to consider an antique gift. From decorative curiosities to items with interesting packaging illustrations, and even useful items for the home, antique gifts offer an opportunity to wow the recipient with objects that aren’t available just anywhere.

Browse these antique items for a great point of departure:


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Disney Christmas greeting from 1934

Vintage Gifts to Ponder

Like antiques, vintage items offer a look back in time. These types of gifts might recall memories of favorite movies or television shows, or a super fun trip taken years ago, making the recipient feel like a kid again. They can also be interesting objects most anyone would enjoy owning and displaying in a home, or novelty items only your best bud will appreciate.

Check out these vintage ideas for some inspiration:


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Good as new bakeware 

Great Gifts for Home Cooks and Grillers

Most everyone has a lady or gent on their list who really knows their way around a kitchen, whether indoors or out. Perusing secondhand options for their gift selections might give you a chance to buy them something you couldn’t otherwise afford, or the perfect cookbook that’s no longer available in stores.

Work your way through these ideas to get started:


Auction Ninja

Antique singer sewing machine

Gifts for the Hobbyist (or Wannabe)

If you're wondering what to get the crafty individual in your life, take some cues from recent conversations. Have they been talking about learning how to knit, sew, or do needlepoint but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Or maybe they’re already a wiz at crochet and want to delve into jewelry making. Secondhand shopping can pave a path to appreciated gift giving. 

Craft a nifty gift idea with these suggestions:


Looking for even more great gift ideas? Browse AuctionNinja for thousands of items currently available.


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