Antiquing & Thrifting in Seattle:  12 Can’t-Miss Shops

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Whether you’re looking to spend less on clothing or to become more environmentally-conscious in your furniture purchases, Seattle boasts a variety of antique and vintage options, making it a great place to furnish your home or fill your closet in a simple and affordable way.


Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique

Consignment Shop, 2425 33rd Ave W Suite D, Seattle, WA

Located in the heart of Seattle’s tranquil Magnolia neighborhood, Sell Your Sole contains the contents of the most luxurious wardrobes in Seattle. Its carefully-curated items boast names including Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, and more. Complete with both personal styling and pickup services, this boutique is a must-try for anyone in search of the most iconic brands for a more affordable price.


Cherry Consignment

Consignment Shop, 4142 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

The store offers options for both online and in-person shoppers, as it sells its items both in its Seattle location as well as its eBay store. Its high-quality vintage clothing and accessories appeal to a wide range of tastes, allowing shoppers to save money while also saving the environment.


Alexandra’s Designer Consignment

Consignment Shop, 412 Olive Way, Seattle, WA

Combining couture labels with leading-edge designers and moderately-priced retailers, Alexandra’s has been bringing affordable high fashion options to downtown Seattle for over 25 years. This massive boutique boasts over 2400 square feet of handbags, scarves, belts, sunglasses, jeans, leathers, and more. Check out its ever-so-glamorous cocktail and evening gown selection for weddings and other special occasions.


AuctionNinja Marketplace  

Online estate sales & auctionswww.auctionninja.com / @auctionninja

Listed as one of Buzzfeed's 'Top Life Hacks of 2021', Seattle's online estate sale marketplace offers a broad selection of secondhand goods. From furniture, sports memorabilia and fashion, to coins, household appliances and tools. New auctions are posted daily. Sign up to get new and closing auctions sent directly to your inbox.



Consignment Shop, 7220 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

Located in the gorgeous Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, Labels is a family-owned business providing customers with fashionable yet affordable and eco-friendly clothing options. The shop features numerous timeless, high-quality pieces that have never and will never go out of style. After witnessing the vast impact on climate change the fast fashion industry has caused, Labels is dedicated to striving to reduce waste and protect the planet by reusing and recycling clothing.


Seattle Antiques Market

Antique Store, 1400 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA
Settled upon Seattle’s stunning waterfront since 1978, Seattle Antiques Market is a treasure trove of fun and unique antiques, vintage items, and collectibles. If you’re looking to decorate your home bar with fluorescent signage or upgrade your wardrobe with vintage clothing, stop here on your way to the Seattle Aquarium.


Epic Antique

Antique Store, 3701 7th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Over fifty dealers curate the contents of this unique antique store. From antique glasses to patio furniture to seasonal decor, Epic Antique has something for every customer looking for the thrill of the hunt. Be sure to stop by and explore this treasure trove during your next visit to SODO.


Antique Mall of West Seattle

Antique Store, 4516 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

The Antique Mall of West Seattle contains everything you could imagine- with items ranging from fine pieces made of silver plate to vintage stools from an old ice cream shop to antique mirrors with intricately-patterned frames. Browse its timeless range of contents next time you find yourself in West Seattle.


Fairlook Antiques

Antique Store, 81 S Washington St, Seattle, WA

This one-of-a-kind antique shop deals ephemera and collectibles ranging from people’s journeys and voyages throughout time. From old-fashioned postcards to historic maps, the store boasts items from travels of various time periods. Explore the world (literally!) in through Fairlook Antiques’s contents- each item tells a story of its own.


Bon Voyage Vintage

Vintage Store, 110 S Washington St, Seattle, WA

Featuring a rotation of clothing collections from various vendors, Bon Voyage features carefully-curated vintage clothing ranging from 1950s staples to the returning styles of the early 2000s. The shop also supports local artists and producers, featuring handmade clothing, jewelry, and pins. Browse this fun, family-owned store next time you visit Pioneer Square.


Red Light Vintage

Vintage Store, 4560 University Way NE, Seattle, WA

You might recognize Red Light Vintage from Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” music video. The store features items from 1930s formal outfits to vintage denim to graphic tees picturing countless bands. The store is highly involved with Seattle’s creative community and frequently collaborates with local artists and musicians. If you see something that catches your eye but can’t make it to the store right away, just give Red Light Vintage a call and they will place it on hold for you  to pick up.


Lucky Vintage

Vintage Store, 5424 Ballad Ave NW, Seattle, WA

Lucky Vintage is an environmentally-conscious vintage store featuring various bold, high-fashion pieces. It succeeds in its goal of making vintage fashion the current one- as its items are carefully-curated and sleekly and effortlessly styled. With both online and brick and mortar shops, Lucky Vintage is a convenient and eco-friendly option to elevate your style.


Pretty Parlor

Vintage Store, 119 Summit Ave E, Seattle, WA

This nostalgic Seattle boutique provides old and new options for vintage styles, featuring styles ranging from the Roaring ‘20s to the retro ‘90s. Many of its designs are hand-chosen by local designers, and the boutique even features a bridal section for brides-to-be who want to add a vintage twist to their weddings.


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