Guest Curation: Nostalgic Narratives Unveiled through Vintage Vignettes

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Written by: AuctionNinja Staff
January 25, 2024 Updated 08:01 AM
January 25, 2024 Updated 08:01 AM

Step into another mesmerizing chapter of our Guest Curation series! This week, we're delighted to introduce Linda of @stonecottage2250, a seasoned wordsmith and editor with an enduring passion for homes and gardens, especially those steeped in history. Linda's creative flair and love for distinctive spaces make her a perfect guest curator for this week's exploration. Immerse yourself in Linda's carefully chosen treasures from our online auctions, each embodying her unique taste and radiating a charming, vintage allure.


Linda's AuctionNinja Picks: A Mosaic of Distinctive Finds 



  1. *RARE* Antique Choisy Le Roi Majolica Rabbit Game Bird Series Plate 3 of 5

  2. Antique Ladder Back Chair

  3. Block Print "Winter in The Forest" Signed Emil Singer

  4. Floral Design Hooked Rug with Oak Leaf Border

  5. 3 Vintage Framed Reverse Silhouettes

  6. Cast Iron 5 Puppy Dogs Door Stop

  7. Nineteenth Century Oil Painting on Board by Frank Wil Depicting Two Homes in A Valley Entitled “Peaceful Valley”

  8. Antique Federal-style Side Table

Embark on a journey through Linda's chosen pieces, each narrating a unique story and exuding a delightful vintage charm. From vintage doorstops to exquisite majolica plates, Linda's selections showcase her refined taste in collecting, creating a cozy, nostalgic ambiance in every item.


Q&A with Linda: A Conversation with a Creative Spirit 

What got you interested in secondhand, vintage and antique items?

I remember visiting a little stone home not far from where we grew up and I was OBSESSED with it. I loved every detail of this tiny house, including the country setting. It was so cozy, warm and charming, and it was filled with pieces that were so different from anything I'd seen, either in our home or the homes of my friends. I knew that this was the kind of home I wanted to have when I could create my own environment: that warm, layered, collected feel.  My tastes haven't changed that much over the ensuing decades -- I still love now what I loved then.


What are the one or two things you always find yourself bidding on/looking for when shopping secondhand?

I love a moody oil painting (particularly if sheep are involved), copper, ironstone, old leather books, vintage wicker baskets and trunks, silhouettes, transferware, a sweet bamboo piece, vintage doorstops, vintage pine tables, majolica, cabbage ware, botanicals and vintage textiles or needlework.


What is your favorite AuctionNinja purchase?

A lovely oil painting of a landscape, with sheep. It's so charming and I've used it in so many rooms already.


What is your absolute favorite item ever purchased at an estate sale or online auction?

A small painting of a little cottage by the sea.


Any tips or advice for online auctions or estate sales newbies?

Educate yourself with every opportunity you have.  I always felt that it didn't cost anything to look, to learn, to hone your taste, or to imagine how you might use a new piece. It's also helpful to follow up after an auction to see what items actually sold for, so you can gain a realistic view of worth. And I never buy with the idea of resale or future profit. I'm at a point where anything that comes into the home has to have a dedicated spot or use -- even if it is only used one season of the year. I just buy what I love and would want to keep around me.

I also always felt that if you really love it, and if you use that standard for everything you bring into your home, what you love will always go with what you love. You don't have to worry about specific eras, or styles, or any other restrictions. The key is to be thoughtful about what you bring in, and to be certain that it is something you will really cherish as the years go on. You shouldn't buy it because it's a great price if it's not something you want to have around you. That's when it becomes clutter.

We express our gratitude to Linda for curating a diverse collection and sharing her insights with our community. Stay tuned for more captivating perspectives in our ongoing Collected Perspectives series!


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