Vibrant Sustainable Style With Dina Younis

Christian Dior ball gown, vintage mugs, vintage dress, vintage typewriters

At an early age, Dina Younis had shown her love for making old things new again. Not having access to many affordable malls or retail stores in Amman, Jordan where she lived, Dina quickly learned that the best way to fulfill all of her pre-teen interests was to find a way to stretch her limited allowance.  

This lifestyle continued with Dina as an adult. When she moved to the United States, Dina was introduced to the world of thrifting. Thrift stores became her go-to destinations to spend her paycheck in high school.

In 2009, Dina founded Dina’s Days, a digital platform that is dedicated to normalizing secondhand and colorful sustainable style, to deliver valuable content and help inspire individuals to learn about the cost, creativeness, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping. 

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  1. Fabulous Authentic Handmade Vintage 1954 Christian Dior-New York Green Silk Taffeta Ball Gown (Fairlight Estate Sales)

  2. Pair of Art Deco Figural Composite Busts Man & Woman Kupur (The Heritage Gallery)

  3. Vintage MCM VIKING Epic Persimmon Orange Mushroom Paperweight, Small 2 1/4" (TLC'S Estate Sales)

  4. L H Bronstein Framed Wall Art (Associated Estate & Appraisal Co., Inc.)

  5. McCoy Have A Happy Day Smiley Face Cookie Jar (Miss Spiffy Estate Sales)

  6. Vanity Fair's Portfolio Of Modern French Art (Past to Present)

What are the one or two things that you always find yourself bidding on/looking for when shopping secondhand?

I can’t resist a fully beaded vintage dress. I also love quirky, vintage mugs.

What's your absolute favorite item ever purchased at an estate sale or online auction?

The first time I ever went to an estate sale I found a rare 1950s era Hermes 300 teal typewriter that types in cursive. I paid $20! 

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Any tips or advice for online auction or estate sale newbies?

Narrow your search! It’s easy to quickly feel overwhelmed by the quantity of items on auction sites. I narrow down my selections by location, interests, and keywords. 

You’ve got a podcast about thrifting, can you tell us about it?

Thanks! It's Thrifted podcast is a celebration of thrifting and the bond it created between my best friend, Shannon and me. The podcast explores topics that promote the cost, creative, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping. We share stories, tips, thrift finds, and chat with interesting guests. We always say: come for the tips, stay for the laughs!

You’ve got such a great platform locally in Akron and nationally - have you turned any of your close friends and family into thrift enthusiasts or is that still a work in progress?

Absolutely! It brings me so much joy when many of my followers share with me that they have never thrifted before until coming across my digital platforms. My eldest sister has always been indifferent about shopping secondhand and now she loves going thrifting with me! She frequently thrifts for her daughter and shares her finds with me. 

If you moved across the world and could only bring 3 of your thrifted finds with you, what would you choose?

Ah! This is an impossible question, but I’ll give it a shot. 

I’d probably pack my vibrant vintage red and pink coat, one of my smiley face mugs, and my vintage Fendi purse. 

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For more tips on how to thrift like a pro, visit www.dinasdays.com or follow Dina on Instagram at @dinasdays.


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