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Best ChemMaster Flock Lined Neoprene Chemical Gloves.

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24 dozen pairs size 10 CHMYXL -10
7 dozen pairs size 10 CHMXL-10
3 dozen pairs size 9 CHML-09
3 dozen pairs Size S CHM-S
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For a good resistance to a broad range of chemicals, Chem Master features a neoprene-over-natural rubber construction that also provides excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance. This comfortable, flexible and tactile sensitive glove has a self-flushing tractor-tread grip that encourages run off of fluids that are often trapped by a diamond-shaped embossed pattern, reducing gripping effectiveness. Worker comfort is enhanced by the gloves 100% cotton flock lining. These gloves are 26 mil thick and 12" in length.

Neoprene, fully-coated gloves
Cotton flock lining
26 mils thick, 12" in length
Excellent abrasion, tear and puncture resistance
Tractor tread self-flushing finish