We understand that every individual who calls us has different and unique situation.We utilize a Free Complementary and Confidential consultation to get all your questions answered and customize a plan that best works for you. This process will be customized for each individual in order to meet your needs. Whether you are downsizing, liquidating, selling the assets of a loved one or relocating, we are here to help. We will walk with you through your home while you show us what you are selling and what you are keeping. We advise nothing to be thrown or donated out.. before we meet with you and before we start preparing for the sale. If we all decide that an Estate Sale Event best suits your needs the following steps will take place:

Staging: Our goal is to stage your home as a showroom. We prepare the house for the sale by cleaning and staging the items to optimize visibility. This provides the best shopping experience and maximizes a value of the stuff. We provide tables, lighting and display boxes. We clean and organize items and start pricing and perform photoshoot.

Pricing: Our team of researchers and appraisers will take time to research and appraise to ensure each of the items are being priced in accordance with fair market value. After data collection, research and analysis we determine the best approach to value each object. Each item will be clearly marked with a price tag.

Photography: We have a professional photographer and designer in our team who will take photos and measure items to be sold.

Advertising: Once the sale dates are set, we will post photos on our website and estate sale networking site as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and local newspapers. We will email your sale announcement to our email subscribers. We have established relationships with buyers in Europe that allows us to reach a larger audience. On the day of the sale, professional signs will be strategically placed around your neighborhood to ensure maximum attendance.

Sale Days: The sale event is typically two to three days depending on the number of items. We place signage to indicate where shoppers should line up. We invite buyers to the home to browse and purchase the items. We coordinate the buying and selling process from end to end that includes managing traffic flow. We have a check out station where buyers can hold the items that they wish to buy and complete their purchases, bags and wrapping papers are provided for purchases. Larger items can be marked as sold by our employees. We coordinate removal of purchased or remaining items to new owners as well as family members.
After Sale:Once the Estate Sale Event has ended, we can discuss together many options that are available to you regarding the remaining items. In case a professional cleaning service is needed, we can also help arrange it to get the estate ready for a market.Within 5 business days of the sale you will receive a check or money transfer from us with your percentage from the sale.