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What are your fees?

Our fees are structured entirely on a commission basis. Our fee structure starts at 35% You only pay us for items we sell. Period. We don't make money, if We don't make you money. NO upfront fees ever. Over 90% rate of sale as we have thousands of customers viewing each sale    

How long does it take?

Most sales take a 14 to 20 days in total from start to finish, 14 days max online listing and one day for the organized pickup, lastly 1-2 days for clean up, If so you deside to use one of the clean out companies we reccomend to leave the home broom clean.  

How is payment made?

At the end of the sale, payment is made to you by check within 15 business days of the completion of the sale pick up. We do not hold YOUR money.  

Our Estate Sale Staff

Our staff has been with us for a long time and each and everyone of them has a specialty. We also have expert contacts on call if there is a question that we cannot answer or their is an extraordinary item in need of more than traditional research..  

Do you offer other services?

Yes, if needed, we offer Estate Trustee's, Senior Move Management, Online auctions on Our website,High end appraisals by an " Antique Roadshows" Appraiser, Auction referrals, Real estate agents and junk removal  

What kind of items can you sell?

We sell EVERYTHING. Estate sale items typical include but are not limited to the following:  

•              Antique furniture, sculpture, crystal

•              Fine and rare books, every day books, magazines

•              Fine art and jewelry, costume jewelry, silver, gold

•              Antique toys, retro and modern collectibles

•              Vintage items, linens, clothing, kitchen-wares, housewares

•              Sporting items, sewing items, office equipment, garage items

•              Home furnishings, appliances, televisions, stereos, computers, garden tools, plants

•              Hand tools, machine tools, construction equipment, and materials.

•              Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and yachts


Are you insured?

Yes. We are insured. We carry liability insurance    

How do we get started?

We offer a free walk through, discussion of your estate liquidation needs and try to come up with a solution that fits each customer.  We are pleased you want to work with us. To get started, call (631) 236-2797 or email us your questions at