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Wacky Packages Series #1

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Item #: 1729

Dimensions: 29" x 42"

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novelty humerous peel and stick Each uncut sheet contains of each of the following cards (stickers): Camals, Mrs. Klean, Chock Full o' Bolts, Vicejoy, Liptorn, Hostage Cupcakes, Tied, Crust, Gadzooka, Botch Tape, Plastered Peanuts, Ultra Blight, Ditch Masters, Gloom, Schtick, Boo Hoo, Fish Bone, Vile, Blunder Bread, Gyppy Popcorn, Ajerx, Lucky Stride, Rabid Shave, Koduck, Crackola, Neveready, Hurtz, Hawaiian Punks, Drowny, Rice-a-Phony, Busted Finger, Fright Guard, Wrinkled Wrap, Chef Girl-A-r-Dee, Dampers, Armor, Land O' Quakes, Moonshine Hydrox, Raw Goo, Wormy Packages, Blast Blue Ribbon, Smith Sisters, Head and Boulders, Slay-tex, Shots, Shot Wheels, Ha Ha Crackers, Piwi, Peter Pain, Sugar Daffy, Generally Demented, Goonmans, Baby Runt, Footsie Roll, Bit O' Money, Blisterine, Ditch Boy, Medi-Quak, Sunstroke, Top Slob, Contrac, My-T-Fink, Dums, Slopicana, Feetena and Logg's.
Sheets are 28.5"by 42"