In some instances, an on-site estate/tag sale is not the right fit for you.  Perhpas you live in a a gated community, apartment, or you just don't have enough for a traditional sale.  No matter what your situation may be, Miss Spiffy can help you with an online auction.

An online auction reaches a broader audience than a traditional estate sale.  The online format allows bidders to take their time and view all of your items at home.  People can shop from anywhere at anytime while the sale is live.  The online auction format allows everyone a chance to see and bid on every item within the sale. 

Why wait on line when you can simply go online?

How it works...

Miss Spiffy starts with a complimentary on-site evaluation.  If we determine that an online auction is right for you we will make arrangements to photograph, catalogue, research, market, and arrange pickup of your sold items.

All payments are made by debit or credit card, pre-approved when bidders register, within 4 hours of the close of the sale, eliminating the risk of counterfeit cash.  Your items are paid for before the buyers even arrive to pickup.

Since all items are sold online you can follow the bidding live and once the sale is complete you will receive an itemized inventory list and settlement check within 2 weeks.

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