Auction Ninja

About Us

Queen City Cards is all about the sports cards, new and vintage. This is the place to be if you are a collector. 

Our card descriptions will be detailed as possible and everything is sold as is. You won't get "good condition" on every card.

We know how it feels to win items in an auction only to get them with damage that cannot be seen in photos and was not described. We will do our best to describe condition of each card based on the grading scale of poor to potentially Gem Mint.

With that said, we are not graders and cannot guarantee the grade of any raw card. But we can explain it with the detail and honesty that you deserve. 

We plan to have weekly auctions, on Thursdays, so check back often. As we gain a following, bigger and better cards will be up for bid. 

In addition, our goal is to eventually lower the buyer's premium to be among, if not the lowest for sports cards on AuctionNinja. 

The owner, who is a collector himself, loves talking cards. Go ahead and reach out if you wish. We also do consignments if you have a collection you want to sell. Rates vary based on the collection. The owner is very knowledgable and can also assess value of personal collections. 

We appreciate your business!!! 

Note on shipping: We are not a huge auction house nor are we a large company with dozens or even hundreds of employees. I had ship each order myself. That does not happen overnight. So, please, keep that in mind when you order that after an auciton ends it can take UP TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR orders to get mailed out. That means we have auctions every Thursdays, so it could be as long as next auction night, the following Thursday, before orders are shipped for the previous auction. It has never taken that long. Most orders are shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays. But it could take that long. And that's not long at all when one person is hand packaging every order and I get in excess of 20-30-40 orders, some as small as $4. We appreciate you bidding, and winning, but patient is a virtue.