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Auction NinjaAppraisals

Learn the value of your heirlooms and antiques when you visit our galleries in Amesbury, Massachusetts for free appraisals any Thursday. To discuss your appraisal, please call us at 1-800-822-1417 or e-mail us at

Formal, written appraisals are fee-based and are offered to clients for a variety of specific purposes, such as preparing for:

  • Charitable Donations
  • Equitatable Distribution
  • Estate Tax
  • Fair Market Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Liquidation
  • Loan Collateral
  • Price Confirmation 

Presale Estimates, Verbal, or Electronic Approximations of Value are a free service to clients. This type of appraisal is not researched and is useful in estimating the market value of an item. 


Estate Services

If the estate includes personal property assets in addition to contents like antiques, jewelry, art, or vehicles, commercial equipment and business furnishings, we may recommend an on-site auction. Working toward a set time-line, our professionals develop the partnerships necessary for a thorough and accurate process for appraisal, preparing the property for sale, and marketing. 



A consultation with us is your first step for determining your needs and understanding your options, such as the most appropriate venue for selling, fees, and marketing. All fees will be fully disclosed during the consultation process. 



Property for sale through the auction process benefits by the spotlight and exposure that auction marketing provides. The auctioneer's goal for each consignor is to reach all possible bidders for property at auction using targeted media to inform the public of the auction specifics. Our in-house marketing experts analyze each auction, preparing an effective campaign directed to a targeted audience of buyers from, including our own marketing database. John McInnis Auctioneers has long standing relationships with over 10,000 collectors, investors, gallery and museum representatives, brokers and other prospective buyers in the northeastern United States. Our relationships are maintained through regular personal contact, special events, regularly scheduled auctions, and mailings. 

Our public relations options may include any or all of the following, immediately after the signing of the listing, consignment contract, or after the preparation of marketing materials. Press releases containing descriptive details are sent to local, regional, national, and international media. Four-color brochures and catalogs, either online and/or printed,and print and broadcast advertising in local, regional, national international media, including publications read by private collectors and professional in the trade, web site marketing, direct mail to qualified prospects and buyers, and in-bound telemarketing with our toll free number all combine to create an effective marketing strategy for our auctions. 


Preview Exhibitions

Auction NinjaThere is always a preview exhibition during which you may examine the condition of items and ask questions about items of interest to you. If you are unable to attend the exhibition, please contact us for detailed information or view the catalog online. If you need additional information, e-mail us your questions referencing the sale date, lot number, and lot title. We will be happy to supply a written conditions report. 

If your property is easily transported, please call us to make an appointment for bringing it into our Galleries in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Contact Us 

If you prefer, you can supply a good quality photograph and information on condition, dimensions, and provenance. Please remember to include your name, a complete mailing address, and a daytime and evening phone number. Auction estimates are provided free of charge. Contact Us 

If you have a large collection, estate contents, or a business inventory, please call to make an appointment for one our representatives to meet you at your location. Contact Us Estate sales and orderly liquidations are usually located on-site at your location. John McInnis Auctioneers will take complete responsibility for all aspects of the auction from the signing of the auction listing agreement through the sale of the property.

Auctions and sealed bids can be conducted at our galleries in Amesbury, Massachusetts or on-site at your location. This lively and competitive process is enhanced through the use of the Internet where online bids can be accepted from a worldwide pool of buyers. 


Shipping & Removal

For local buyers and clients attending an auction in person, all purchases must be paid for and removed within 48 hours of the sale date. Delivery services are available for an additional charge. Any items remaining on the premises beyond the fifth business day after the sale will be transferred to a professional storage facility unless other arrangements are made. Risks, storage, and transport fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

When attending an on-site estate or liquidation auction, all purchases must be removed on the sale date. Any items remaining on the premises after the sale date will be transferred to a professional storage facility. Risks, storage, and transport fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 

Buyers outside our area and utilizing Absentee or Telephone bidding must contact John McInnis Auctioneer within 48 hours of the sale with full payment. Removal of the items must be arranged within three business days of the sale date. Any items remaining on the premises beyond the eighth business day after the sale will be transferred to a professional storage facility unless other arrangements are made. Risks, storage, and transport fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. 



Auction NinjaAll prospective buyers must register to bid. If you wish to bid by phone or online, you may download the Absentee Bid Form, print it at home, complete the required information, and fax it back to us. You will be asked to supply information about your identity, your credit, and a signature. Anyone bidding at John McInnis Auctioneers will be required to sign a statement by which you agree to our terms and conditions before being assigned a bidder number when registering. Terms and conditions for each auction are printed in the catalog, posted in the gallery, and accessible online. Please take a moment to read them. No exceptions will be made to these terms and conditions for any reason. 


Commission & Settlement

By law, all of our consignment funds are deposited into an Escrow account and consignor payments are usually made no later than 30 business days after the collection of sale proceeds. Our state-of-the-art computer applications enable us to maintain meticulous records that are provided to our clients at settlement. 



Items may be sold subject to a confidential reserve, or a minimum price below which an item cannot be sold. If bidding ends before your reserve is reached, the item will be "bought-in" by the auctioneer. 



We are a bonded, licensed, and insured auctioneer. Your property is insured while it is in our galleries. 



Arrangements can easily be made to have your items delivered to our galleries in Amesbury, Massachusetts. 


Cleaning & Repair

Polishing, small repair, and restorations can be arranged through John McInnis Auctioneers to enhance the marketability of your property.