Auction Ninja

Shipping Services

If you require shipping, please contact the shippers listed below:

Limited In-House shipping  (provided by Marketplace Auctions )

We are happy to ship your auction winnigs to you.  We will send you a separate shipping invoice via PayPal.   Please note: you will be billed for the actual shipping rate plus the $12 packing/handling fee.  Sometimes the shipping fee is more than you paid for your item.  This happens because shipping is based on weight and the dimensional size of the shipping box.   Please look carefully at the size and think about the weight of the items BEFORE bidding.


If your items are breakable, made of glass or porcelain, we will not ship it and you must contact either of the two shippers listed below.  If this is a problem for you, please do not bid.  There will be no exceptions.

The UPS Store
New England Pack & Ship
Phone: 781-449-1231