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US Lot Of WWII Copper Shell Pennies - 1944 - 1946 - In Coin Collection Holders

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Item #: 1919

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3 Copper Shell Cents in coin holders
1944 D penny - minted in Denver - Very Fine condition
1945 S penny - minted in San Francisco - Fine condition
1946 S penny - minted in San Francisco - Very Good condition

The composition of the 1944, 1945, and 1946 shell case pennies is 95% copper, 5% zinc.
During World War II, copper became an important natural resource for the war effort – so important, in fact, that for a time the U.S. Mint was forced to strike pennies in steel because the nation’s copper supplies had been allocated for the production of shell casings. Once the war was over, those same shell casings were brought back home, melted down, and used to strike new copper pennies!
These 3 copper shell casing pennies from more than 70 years ago, are in Very good to Very Fine Condition; all with the popular Wheat Back design.

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