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Lenovo Laptop Docking Station - IBM - ThinkPad Pro

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Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Dock
Only includes dock - no notebook or accessories

Compatible Devices: ThinkPad L440 (integrated), L450 (integrated), L460 (integrated), L540, L560, L570, P50s, T440/s (integrated), T450p (2 cores), T450/s (integrated), T460 (integrated), T460p (integrated, 2 cores), T460s (integrated), T540p (2 cores), T550, T560, T570, W550s, X240, X250, X260 (integrated)

Expect nothing short of an outstanding value. Completely re-designed for a new generation of ThinkPads, snap into the ThinkPad Pro Dock; your Local Area Network/Internet and workplace accessories such as up two external displays, keyboard, mouse and printer so you can get more done faster. One of the dock’s USB ports also supports always-on mobile device charging, which means that you can charge your mobile phone or tablet, even when your notebook is away. Our unique physical alignment guarantees perfect notebook-dock alignment every time.

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