TAX FREE NEW CLOTHING! 1 of 3 ~ Talbots, j. Peterson, Divided, Cold water creek, Chicos, Anne taylor, Soft surroundings, Fabulous fur, White House black market, vintage, leather, Express, Victoria secrets, lingerie, pajama sets, jeans, prom, coats, dress,

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Tuesday, April 02nd 2024 at 7:45 PM EDT

Kodis Korner
15 Broadway St suite 2 back of building! Call upon arrival. Exit vehicle, hold one hand up and one low to the groung, jump on one foot.. spin in a circle and yell loudly the awesome have arrived! We will bring the camera.
Colchester Connecticut 06415
Pick up: By Appointment Only
Pick up by appointment.
We will update you when you make that appointment. We do not schedule a pick up time on the same day you call to set a date. We need at least 24 hours to collect your... crap. . Yet... some of you still ask. sigh.
Please read the special instructions located on the front auction page if you have not already.

Phil Rowe
Phil Rowe
In-house shipping. We have become somewhat delinquent with our shipping. I do apologize for this. By the time this auction ends we should be caught up and back to our usual 4 times a year... ok, ok, just kidding. We normally ship every 10 to 12 BUSINESS days. Be patient. Our shipping is inexpensive but slow.