Solve A Problem / FAQ

If your issue is not addressed below, please CONTACT US.

Q. Can you see my bids?

A. We can see your current bid, but not your proxy (max) bid.  

Q. How do I bid?

A. It's easy to bid.  Just create an account, enter your credit card number, and you are all set up to bid.

Q. How do you price your items?

A. We respect our owners wishes on pricing.  Some opening bids are be higher than others. In general, most furniture will start a $20; Art a Collectables at $5; Jewelry at $3; Household and common item at $1. 

Q. How does pick up work?

A. You will get an email for your winning bids.  That email will have a link to a site where you can schedule your pick up time.  This is super easy to do and will help shorten any pick up wait time.  We look forward to seeing you.

Q. What if I win furniture?

A. You can get furniture at such great prices!  You will need to bring help to move your heavy items.  If you are using a service like to pick up your items, please call Cora at 303-669-3583 to confirm pick up by a service or shipping company.

Q. What is a buyer's premium?

A. The buyer's premium helps us keep the lights on!  It pays for our credit card fees and other necessary expenses.  Halcyon has a low buyer's premium of 15% added after the hammer.

Q. What is proxy bidding?

A. You can bid on any item for the maximum you would pay for that item.  The bids will progress without further action from you.  For instance, if you bid a maximum of $40 on an item that starts at $5.00 your bid is $5.00 not $40.  If another person were to bid $10 you bid would be $11 and so on.  It''s always best to bid your highest and best offer so you don't end up loosing a bid on the last day because you were not available for the final bidding.