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Le Maitre De La Voix Means Just What You Think: Master Of The Voice Aka His Masters Voice Framed Poster

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The only thing missing is the dog… that’s right, this is the original version of “HIS MASTER’S
VOICE” from France, before the Americans at RCA co-opted it.

Antique French Advertising Poster from the early 1930’s. So Art Deco. Glorious colors. Glorious
frame to match. Le Maitre de la Voix means just what you think: Master of the Voice aka His
Master’s Voice.

“Manufactured in France: The Machines That Speak and Bring You TSF ( and btw, you can still
listen to TSF, on their website, which broadcasts jazz and blues and is a great radio station!).”
The company is Magister which means Master en Francais. 47” w x 61” H, framed en bleu to go
with the almost neon blue and yellow gold of the poster. IF you love music this poster will
enhance your listening experience and your listening room! There is a reserve on this and if
you can name the artist, yes, we will give you a discount!