Terms & Conditions

All offered items are "SOLD AS IS." You are strongly encouraged to ask questions BEFORE you bid! I will answer questions prior to the close of the auction, I will not always be able to answer them immediately. Sometimes I will need to return to the property to get the answers and will often do so on the last day to answer all questions at one time. I do my best to photograph and note all damage, stains or weaknesses and while I will never intentionally omit these things sometimes they are missed. The majority of the items offered are used, many are antique or vintage. Expect use and wear that is consistent with age; ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no returns, credits or exchanges. It is the bidders responsibility to examine photos and ask questions as well as to be punctual to the auction pick up. All orders NOT PICKED UP during the designated time will be FORFEITED with NO REFUND. This policy is FIRM! Please check the date and time before bidding and if something comes up send a friend or contact a courier service. 
Eclectic Estate Sales is a small business! - Your bids, win or lose, matter and I will always do my best to show you gratitude with professional and courteous service. Staff & myself will do everything we are able to assist you at pick up but you must BRING HELP. Large, heavy and bulky items will be disassembled by the winning bidder. Remember to bring your own packing paper/boxes, moving blankets, furniture straps and tools! All smaller items will be organized by order and when possible be outside or in a garage; weather such as rain, extreme cold and snow will alter this plan and we are rehearsed in creating a staging area to accommodate the ever changing weather of New England. 
Before bidding please review the Auction Ninja Website Terms of Service and Payment Instructions! Payments are to be made by credit card only and are done so strictly through Auction Ninja.
Thank you,
Eclectic Estate Sales