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A. BASICS & BIDDING    CULTWINE BASICS Our Auctions which will end on Monday evenings at 10:00 pm EST. Sign up for our email notifications to receive outbid notices, promotions and updates. At the conclsuion of our auction, you will receive an email confirming the wine lots which you have won. You may choose how & when your wine will be shipped, or inquire about the possibility to schedule a date to pick up from one of our warehouses.  All clients have a cellar at CultWine. All your purchases are automatically added to your cellar and tracked by vintage, region, type and market value.   BIDDING Place a bid by entering the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item, keeping in mind that bids cannot be cancelled. Your bid will start at the lowest price required to win & will increase automatically in response to competing bids. Your maximum amount is confidential and always kept secret from other bidders. Your bid will never increase automatically beyond the maximum amount you enter. Our auction buyer's premium will be added to the winning final bid on all auction bids, lots & purchases. Winners are determined based on the highest bid amount at the conclusion of each lot auction. If two bidders tie with the same bid amount, then the bid which is placed first will win the tie. If you are outbid on a lot, you can be notified by email or text by subscribing to our outbid notifications. When a lot contains multiple items, your bid will increase automatically on all items in that lot that you have bid on, even if you have only been outbid on part of your desired quantity.


A. PAYMENT INVOICES CultWine Auction: An auction invoice will be emailed to you after the close of the CultWine auction. It will confirm your winning bids and your payment information on file. Your payment method to be charged will include the following charges: 1. The total of your Winning Lots/Bids 2. Our 12% buyer's premium for each Lot 3. Sales tax (if applicable) 4. Shipping costs quote (may require an additional charge after close of auction) Shipping: Shipping charges are billed & invoiced when your wine is shipped from our warehouse to you. All invoices can be viewed in your account. We will also have a local pick up day TBD for all clients whom wish to pick up locally. This will be a one day window with a defined time period. All state taxes will apply for all local pick up lots. Your credit card on file must be active and valid to ship your winning lots.    PRE-AUTHORIZATION As part of CultWine's continuing efforts to ensure the integrity of our auctions, your payment method must be confirmed and pre-authorized for all bids placed in the auction. It is one of the ways CultWine verifies that a payment method is valid and that it has not been reported lost or stolen. The authorizations may be higher than the bid total in order to cover premium and any applicable taxes. When the auction closes your payment method will only be charged for the final invoice total. All pre-authorizations will be released. Debit card users: Before you place your bids, please read & understand your Cardholder's Policy regarding debit authorizations. Pre-authorization can trigger an actual charge on some debit cards. For this reason, we recommend using a credit card.   U.S. SALES TAX AND USE TAX Title to, and ownership of all wines passes to Buyer in California upon payment of the purchase price.  For wines delivered to Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon and Wyoming (collectively, “Direct Shipper States”), CultWine’s permits in these states require the collection and remittance of taxes pursuant to each Direct Shipper State’s requirements. Except for these Direct Shipper States, and purchases being delivered to an international address, California sales tax will be charged on all purchases, including wines picked up by the Buyer at CultWine’s warehouse located in CA. If you are picking up at our NJ or CA warehouse, local tax will apply as we follow all state tax rules and regulations.  By law, sales tax is calculated as a percentage of the entire price paid, including the hammer price & the buyer's premium for all auction purchases.   FOR BUYERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. All transactions are conducted in U.S. Dollars. The actual amount you pay in your currency will be determined by the exchange rate used by your bank. Buyer is responsible for all duties and customs charges incurred in shipping. All International clients may only pay by wire transfer for your first auction. If you would like to establish a different form of payment, we suggest contacting us at our corporate offices. Please contact CultWine directly to properly coordinate all bank wire transfers.


A. CAN MY WINE BE STORED WITH YOU? Yes. All purchases receive one month of free storage in our state-of-the-art facility. Wines stored in our warehouse longer than this free storage period are stored at a monthly rate of $0.50 per bottle, or $0.25 per bottle if you are a CultWine VIP member. We do not offer storage services for outside inventory at this time. CAN MY WINE SHIP DIRECTLY TO ME? Yes, in most cases. Alcohol shipping options vary by location and buyers are solely responsible for shipping their wines. For your convenience, CultWine offers to arrange your shipment on your behalf via our partnered carriers and simply bill you for the charges. We strongly recommend shipping to a commercial address as an adult signature is required. If the partnered shipping options we offer aren’t accepted in your location or don’t meet your needs, you can ship your wines by contacting a third party shipper instead. By doing so, your shipper will pick up your order from our warehouse and ship to you. You’ll be providing your information to them directly, but CultWine will prepare your order and coordinate pickup on your behalf once you’ve placed your shipping request with them. CAN I PICK UP MY WINES? Possibly - Due ot COVID we are not allowing pick-ups at this time. We are possibly scheduling pickups by appintment only at one of our warehouses at the CA Warehouse or our NJ Warehouse. You can also authorize another party over the age of 21 to pick up for you if you are granted an appointment. Our warehouses are open Monday-Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (excluding major holidays). WHEN WILL MY WINES SHIP? Customers are in control of their wine shipments. Shipments are processed per your weather and storage preferences, and you can schedule your shipment at any time. We want your shipping experience to be as customizable as possible, but we care about your wines. For that reason, your shipments will not be released if temperatures are below 20°F or above 80°F at our warehouse and your shipping address unless you provide your authorization to do so. Please note that temperature-controlled shipping options refer to the time your wine is picked up from our warehouse and is in transit to your delivery terminal. The time it takes to deliver your wines from the terminal to your shipping address is not temperature controlled and may still require your weather authorization. I ONLY WISH TO SHIP A PORTION OF MY WINES? Any time you would like a portion of your stored wine shipped, please give us a call or email with the list of wines you would like us to ship to you and our customer service will happily handle your shipping request.

BIDDING & AUCTION FAQ'S WHAT IS A BUYER'S PREMIUM? A 12% buyer’s premium is added to the final hammer price of all CultWine auction items. This buyer's premium goes towards the costs of conducting the auction, allowing CultWine to offer a proprietary multi-point inspection of each wine listed, store your wines in our state-of-the-art facility, provide photos, ratings, tasting notes & producer history, as well as insuring your wines against loss or damage while stored in our warehouse. WHY DO I GET CHARGED SALES TAX? The passage of title for your purchases takes place in Orange County, CA, therefore we are required to collect sales tax on all purchases except those shipped internationally or to states where we have a direct shipper permit. For wines delivered to Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon and Wyoming (collectively, “Direct Shipper States”), CultWine’s permits in these states require the collection and remittance of taxes pursuant to each Direct Shipper State’s requirements. Resellers in the state of California can avoid sales tax by providing copies their ABC and resale permits. Sales tax is calculated as a percentage of the entire price paid, including the hammer price and the buyer’s premium for auction purchases. Storage, subscription, and shipping fees are not taxed. CAN I REMOVE A BID OR CANCEL AN ORDER? No. Unlike our retail website, CultWine Auctions provides a platform where individual collectors can consign their rare and fine wines. Consignors are alerted when bids are placed on their items, and other bidders may make their purchase decisions based on bid activity on a certain item. In order to protect the integrity of the auction, bids cannot be canceled and all sales are final. For an explanation of your final charges, please see our payment help page. Please contact our corporate offices directly if you would like us to review a bid or sale for additional information. HOW DO I UPDATE MY PAYMENT INFORMATION OR METHOD? For security purposes, the WineBid staff doesn’t have access to your payment method and can’t make changes to it or purchase on your behalf. Please do not share your payment method in email or over the phone. You can update your payment information & method from your CultWine Account page. If you prefer to bank wire the required funds, please contact us and we will provide you with our bank wire instructions. I DIDN'T MAKE A PURCHASE SO WHY WAS I CHARGED? Shipping charges, first time bids, and certain other auction transactions are pre-authorized to your payment method. Please contact our corporate offices if you have any questions about a transaction on your account.

INVENTORY I OPENED A BOTTLE OF WINE & IT IS CORKED OR BAD. WHAT SHOULD I DO? There is a small, yet inevitable percentage of ‘bad’ wine impacted by things like cork taint, imperfections during production, oxidation, and other factors which can’t be observed until the bottle is opened. Each bottle in auction undergoes a rigorous inspection by our CultWine team of trained inspectors in an effort to accurately describe the condition of each bottle and reduce the risk to buyers. Our policies and procedures are designed to minimize these potential risks to the largest extent possible; however, by participating in auction you accept that all purchases are made “as is.” We do not offer refunds or exchanges. If this is the case, we reccomend re-corking the wine, taking pictures and contacting our corporate offices ASAP. We will review each circumstance individually, research our provanance of the bottle and make our best efforts to ensure you as a client are satisfied with our decision. HOW CAN I RE-ORDER A WINE I BOUGHT IN THE PAST? As our auction inventory is comprised of privately consigned lots from individual collectors, we don’t have back stock inventory of wines that have been in past auctions. Unlike most auctions houses, we have $9M of our own inventory available for our clients. If you have a wine you loved, simply contact our corporate offices & your account specialist will take your wine re-order request. We will ship the wine directly to you. It is that simple! Sit back and let us do all the hard work so you can drink & enjoy your wines! DO YOU FIND WINE FOR ME THAT I AM LOOKING FOR? This is our specialty! Send us your "wish" list, relax and wait for the offers to come in for your consideration. We do all the digging to uncover the wines your searching for and have them shipped directly to your door! I WAS SHIPPED THE WRONG WINE? NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO? Opps! Although we do our best to accurately describe every bottle in our auctions, but errors can happen. If you have received a bottle that doesn’t match your invoice, please email ASAP. We’ will contact you directly with our options for resolution. For more information, contact Customer Service at (877) 285-8946 or email