Shipping terms and charges.

 We use USPS ONLY WHEN SHIPPING.  Shipping Is sent in a padded envelope, small, medium, and large flat rate priority mail. All shipping has tracking.

When Purchasing COMICS, Shipping is $7 for the 1st comic and $1 per comic afterwards up to 20 comics. i.e. ( if you purchase 3 single comics and then a 4 comic lot, the total # of comics would be 7. $7 for the 1st and then $6 for the remaining 6 for a grand total of $11 ).

When purchasing CARDS, Shipping is $5 for up to 10 single cards, 20 - 200 total cards will be $10.00, 300 - 1000 cards is $16. Anything over 1,000 please contact us for a price.

When purchasing Items keep in mind we package items to fit in closest flat rate box.  We do not ship items That exceed large flat rate box capacity. We are not responsible for any items being shipped. 

Shipping is added to invoice after sale most the time. If it has not been added we will contact you after sale to settle.