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19th Century Antique Chinese Porcelain Pottery Vase Temple Vase Signed Ox Blood Vase Asian Art

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Item #: 1024

Dimensions: 7''" x 21''"

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I have had a collector look at this vase and this is what he has told me

''It looks like 19th Century. The carved inscription has a Chinese year 壬戌年, year of renxu ( 60-year period designation) that puts it at either 1802 or 1862 . The inscription describes that in the year of renxu, certain person had this vase made in jingdezhen and offered it to a temple. trumpet mouth rim has been truncated.''

size of the vase is 7'' base 21'' tall. There is I firing kiln flaw please see photo

Notes: fire kiln defect , trumpet mouth rim has been truncated, chips on foot rim ( See photos )