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The Art Deco Home Style Guide

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by Ciana Dennedy


Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, Art Deco design is a style everyone can incorporate into their home. The angular lines, swanky accents, and geometric motifs that is the essence of the aesthetic, can be expertly paired with both antiques and contemporary pieces. Having gained popularity in the twenties, it merged traditional elegance with early modernism. Think Great Gatsby. Defined by the retaliation of conservative design, it symbolized personal expression and took inspiration from social movements, developing urbanism, and French splendor.


The Art Deco elements were not prevalent in just interior design. Influenced by the Roaring Twenties and breakthroughs in modern machinery, the style was also rampant in fashion, architecture, jewelry, and textiles of the time period. It’s distinct, progressive, and refined characteristics remained present until the 1940’s, when Mid-Century Modern tastes began to take precedence. However, you will find that today's designers continue to be influenced by the movement.Taking inspiration from it’s iconic and eclectic decadence will deliver the luxury your space has been missing. If you are aiming to bring that Art Deco flair to your home, here’s how:


1. Motifs

Geometric patterns and motifs were all the rage in Art Deco design trends, and the modern and dramatic appearance are a key element in mastering the style. Patterns such as starbursts, chevron, 2D objects such as flowers and feathers, sharp and clean lines or edges were all widely used in executing the “deco” vibe. Many patterns were designed to emulate skyscrapers and buildings in the 1920’s. An easy way to include these patterns in your space is through art deco wallpaper, accents, and wall art.


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2. Color

The deco era used a wide array of color. Often implementing jewel tones, like emerald greens, ruby reds, deep purples, many also leaned into a moodier look by including metallics and shades of black and grey. The style can even be accomplished with neutrals by inserting pops of color and lots of pattern. We have found that velvet upholstery and lush fabrics is a tasteful strategy in executing the bold color elements. 


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3. Lighting

When designing a space, lighting can prove to be very important in developing the trademark ambience of the Art Deco period. Light fixtures and chandeliers can make or break your look. The easiest way to add the glam factor is by adding pieces that are characterized by elegance, shine, and distinct shapes. Whether that be modern globe ceiling fixtures, or crystal chandeliers, it is a simple way to really tap into that Art Deco aesthetic. 


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Another way to add moodiness to an Art Deco room, is by incorporating mirrors, specifically angular or arched, strategically so the light can bounce around the room.


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4. Furniture

There are a few guidelines that will make selecting Art Deco furniture simple. First, you must decide whether you want to stick to the traditional Art Deco style or a modern take. Either way, choosing pieces that are aerodynamic and streamlined is custom. Surely, Art Deco furniture often features luxurious and high-shine finishes, like metal, copper, and chrome. Mirrored, reflective surfaces are also a go-to. High-quality craftsmanship is evoked through inlayed designs, woods with movement, and high-end upholstery.


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The Art Deco movement was an era of opulence and grandiosity. As the style evolved through the years, it morphed and adapted to the times. In its early stages, it represented traditional luxury and a sense of cosmopolitan poise. As years went by, it modernized and adopted a more streamlined and simple take on the previously extravagant nature. 


We have found that you can embrace the “deco” look, no matter what your personal taste is. Including period pieces, like ornate accents and aerodynamic shapes and motifs, is an effortless way of embodying the Art Deco spirit. We are big advocates for eclectic and diverse style choices, so do not be afraid to embrace differing aesthetics when designing your spaces!


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