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7 Steps to Creating a Curated & Eclectic Home

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by Ciana Dennedy


Home takes time. Decorating your home in a way that feels intentional and personal is what makes interior design so gratifying. We spend so much time indoors these days, and it is important that we feel connected to the spaces we inhabit. In our opinion, the best way to do so is by curating each room in your home to reflect your unique taste. This can take time to achieve, and it isn’t accomplished in a day of shopping. 


The whole idea behind a “curated” style is thoughtful and eclectic design choices that truly express “you.” Whether you incorporate that dining room table that has been passed down to you or the accent chair you just had to have, it is important that you be purposeful in your decisions. This can seem like a challenge, especially for those who tend to be impulsive, but you are in luck. We have some tips that make this process rewarding and effective so you can create curated spaces that tell your story.


1. Be intentional, not impulsive


A key aspect in executing a collected and curated look in your home is to pare down your decor to items that you absolutely adore or serve a function. When shopping for decor you want to be purposeful in your purchases, rather than buying everything that you think may

possibly work in your space. Hone in on your style, work room by room, and think long and hard about the vibe you want to give off in each space. Be picky.

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2. Home takes time


Creating a home you love is a marathon, not a sprint. In most cases, you will be satisfied with a room when you have spent ample time considering and collecting items that really speak to you. It can be difficult to have patience when decorating, because you just want to be able to relax in a completed space. However, it is always best to keep in mind how your style evolves and the mood you are trying to convey. This can only be done successfully if you pick and choose pieces that really pull at your heart strings, and that cannot be done by spending the day at your local department store...


3. Create a mood board


Sometimes eclectic style can be difficult to execute properly because a cohesive look can be lost. This is where planning comes into play. Mood boards are a great way to understand what it is you're trying to achieve in a space, and how to bring it to fruition. It also helps nail down color schemes, styles you want to incorporate, and the overall vibe of a room. Investing the time to organize your intentions when designing will help guide the process, and keep you on track if you start to lose sight of your end goal.


4. Something old, something new

The quickest route to a room without personality is by sticking to one specific style or time period. We want our homes to tell a story and to feel lived in, all while delivering that curated flair. A good way to to start is to identify when your home was built, and add in period pieces that accentuate the character of your spaces. By integrating modern light fixtures, finishes, or accessories, you are well on your way to eclectic and selective design. Check out Kate Pearce’s home for some incredible inspiration!


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5. Decide on a color scheme


This is a biggie. Never underestimate the power of paint. Color can provide so much warmth and character to a room. With that being said, deciding on a color scheme can be daunting. When we think of collected and curated design, we want to emphasize the fact that each room should have its own identity and purpose. Do not feel like your library and bedroom have to carry the same tones throughout, or your kitchen tiling needs to match up with what is featured in your guest bath. We recommend keeping consistency with a mix of neutrals and color. Be bold with your paint choices, they can always be changed!


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6. Incorporate texture and accessories


As much as we love a meticulously decorated space, it is important to keep your design from being sterile and cold. Collected style is often coupled with an inviting coziness that should be represented when you are accessorizing. A good rule of thumb is to focus on the details, and add in texture, patterns, and different styles wherever possible. Throw pillows and vintage books go a long way when completing a room.


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7. Thrift!


Last but certainly not least, thrifting! This is our specialty. As we mentioned, a successfully curated home tells your story and features unique and eclectic pieces that resonate with you. These are best found in your local antique shops, auctions, and online estate sales. You can’t beat the feeling of finding that perfect vintage rug or vintage art that brings the whole look together. Secondhand items are not only one-of-a-kind, but they are wallet friendly too. Taking the time to peruse auctions and thrift shops is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and is the secret to top notch design. 


So, there you have it. We have provided you with our recommendations to create a home you adore, without breaking the bank. We would love to see the spaces you design! Tag us at #ANFinds on Instagram.


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