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Guest Curation: Eclectic Cottage Decor with Theresa Abraham

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Theresa Abraham's designs are the epitome of scroll-stoppers. Bright, eclectic and cheerful, her infusion of bold color, vintage finds and moody vibes are irresistible. While design isn't her day job (she has been a registered nurse for 28 years), her passion firmly lies in design and decorating-- and clearly, her talents do too. Luckily, we can follow along 

We had an opportunity to chat with Theresa to learn about her approach to design and the things she absolutely can't pass up when browsing estate sales and auctions. "I love to create cozy comfortable spaces, full of color, texture and of course, collected items with a past life," said Theresa.


AN: How would you describe your taste/style?

Theresa: I would describe my design style as eclectic with a definite lean towards cottage. I love color and even feel that one can create a colorful space with neutral/white walls and finishes through textiles, art and collectibles. 


Auction Ninja

Photo courtesy of Theresa Abraham

AN: What got you interested in secondhand, vintage and antique items?

Theresa: I got my real taste for vintage/secondhand when I lived in central PA -- we were struggling grad students with kids so we frequented estate sales and auctions. 


Auction Ninja

Photo courtesy of Theresa Abraham


AN: What are the one or two things that you always find yourself bidding on?

Theresa: Some of my most treasured items were purchased at auction very inexpensively. I have a really difficult time not bidding on vintage glassware, china and milk glass.


AN: What's your absolute favorite item ever purchased through an estate sale or online auction?

Theresa: Finding and rescuing vintage art is also a new passion -- I recently acquired my first oil painting and it is the inspiration for the design of my new master bedroom.


Auction Ninja

Photo courtesy of Theresa Abraham

Theresa’s AuctionNinja Picks


Auction Ninja


  1. Antique Royal Staffordshire Pottery England Flow Blue Iris Covered Serving Dish (Certified Estate Specialists)

  2. Vintage Book “Silasmarner” by George Eliot (A Blue Bird - The Nest Marketplace)

  3. Vintage Berman Impressionistic Landscape Oil Painting (Associated Estate & Appraisal Co.)

  1. Original Art by Jeannetta Van Raalte Pansies (Miss Spiffy Estate Sales)

  2. Fine Hand Knotted Persian Kermen Rug 170"X120" (Fine Oriental Rug Gallery)

  3. Antique Wood and Veneer Hand Carved 5 Drawer Dresser (Avant Garde Estate Sales)

  4. Lot of Polka Dot Milk Glass (Ridgefield Thrift Shop)


About Theresa: Theresa is recently remarried and moved to the country. I've been a RN for 28 years but find my passion in design and decorating. I love to create cozy comfortable spaces, full of color, texture and of course, collected items with a past life! I am looking forward to the challenge of giving personality and character to a 1970's ranch and growing lots of flowers! You can follow her on Instagram @theresa.p.abraham





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