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The Power of the Photo | Auction Ninja
a colorful antique dish sold on an Auction Ninja marketplace.

There’s a reason the adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” holds just true today, as it did decades ago. Let’s face it. Most bidders are not going to read your catalog descriptions if they are not first intrigued by your imagery. Imagery lacking appeal, will be passed right over without a second glance. Your photography can really sell an item ... or, it can really hinder you from getting the best sales price possible.

Auction Ninja

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get great photos. You don’t need professional grade equipment, either. (Obviously, if you have it and know how to use it, that’s great, but it’s not required.) Simply understanding that proper angles, good lighting, good photo sizing, using a steady hand, and ensuring clean/uncluttered backgrounds will help you achieve the best shots possible.

Take a look at these examples. If you were a bidder, which one would appeal most to you?

Auction Ninja    Auction Ninja

Did you even notice the brand new (still in original packaging) pan on first glance amongst the clutter in the image (left)? Most likely not. But the next image (right) looks clean, interesting, is at a proper angle and is clear. Your lead image for each lot should be your best shot.

How about this next set of photos? Which one do you think is most appealing as a bidder?

Auction Ninja   Auction Ninja

The first image is much to far away from the chair and ottoman to be of any interest to your bidders. In fact, one might even wonder the item being offered was the chair and ottoman set, the rug or the basket with flowers. The second image is much tighter, with the chair and ottoman filling most of the frame. The viewer knows precisely what is being offered and also sees more detail.

Separately, one big drawback of both of these chair photos, however, is the lighting. Notice the natural backlighting from the window that is creating a glow on the chair that prohibits the view from seeing the true color of the fabric. We would recommend that you move the chair within the room so the natural light from the window is behind you.

So grab your camera and get ready to take better photos. You’ll notice a huge difference in the interest in your auctions and your prices realized. Become a photo ninja today!


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