News & Updates | August 26,2020
Reasons You Should White-List AuctionNinja
White-listing in your email will ensure that you continue to receive important information regarding your bids, orders, current auctions you follow, and more. Learn how to add a company to your white-list.

Most of us have heard about "blacklisting" things -- the act of compiling a list of people, businesses, countries, entities, etc. which are distrusted or considered unacceptable. This may conjure up remembrances of McCarthy era hearings and the ensuing McCarthyism which was a 1950s campaign against alleged communists in which many of the accused lost their jobs or could not find employment due to blacklisting. Most of the falsely accused suffered greatly as a result.

Auction Ninja

A more modern-era form of blacklisting would be adding email addresses to your "spam" or "junk" lists -- essentially, blocking those emails from infiltrating your in box. In many ways, blacklisting protects the integrity of your email inbox. Sometimes, however, the "good" emails are erroneously blacklisted.

Well, the opposite of blacklisting is "white-listing" -- the act of manually adding an email sender/address to a list of approved or trusted senders. This tells your email service provider that you know the sender. White-listing instructs your email service provider to keep emails from this trusted sender out of your junk/spam folder and in your inbox.

Why is white-listing something you should be concerned about?

From the perspective of ensuring that you receive important emails from AuctionNinja (such as outbid notifications, winning bidder emails, pick-up instructions, or even current auction updates) it is critical that AuctionNinja is added to your safe senders lists.  We have received comments in the last couple of months that bidders are not receiving their important notifications -- typically because their email service providers are classifying these email communiques as "junk."

Auction Ninja

How to White-List

To make sure you receive emails from AuctionNinja, you should add to your list of safe senders by white-listing us. Please add to your list of safe senders.

We've compiled specific instructions on how to do so, based on the various email providers available. Click the link below to learn more:


Other Changes to Note

Additionally, you may have noticed over the last couple of months that we have made strides in allowing you to customize the types of email notifications (specifically current auctions) so that you only receive updates from vendors you follow and/or regions which are in your general vicinity.

To update your email preferences, simply LOG-IN to your bidder dashboard, hover over ACCOUNT in the menu bar, and click on BUILD YOUR NEWSLETTER. Make your selections and you are set.

This is all part of a broader effort to provide you with content that is of interest to you, as well as ensure that the email content you receive from AuctionNinja is less likely to be considered spam/junk. All these efforts, however, require that our bidders embrace the importance of updating their "safe senders" list for receiving AuctionNinja emails.


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