Jessica Brigham is Back: Bold & Bright Spring Style

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Jessica Brigham is no stranger to secondhand finds or bold design. A self-proclaimed relentless thrifter, eclectic collector and lover of color, her home is chock full of plants, vivid patterns and drool-worthy art, vintage furniture and accessories. And lucky for us, she's also a professional photographer who has beautifully documented all of it on her blog, Jessica Brigham, Magazine Ready for Life and Instagram for your viewing pleasure.

We asked Jessica to select a few hidden gems across our marketplace to help you kickstart your weekend deal hunting and inspire you to find similar items in future auctions. Happy hunting!


Jessica’s Picks

Auction Ninja


  1. Zenith Royal 500, Long Distance Tubeless-All-Transistor, Circa 1957 (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  2. Red Velvet Tufted Antique Armchair 43” T x 32” W x 28” Deep x 18” Height to Seat x 22” Seat Depth (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  3. Large Modern Cupboard Armoire Stunning! A Piece of Art! (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  4. Vintage Tiger Statue Made in Japan (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  5. Alabaster Parrot Bookends (Clearing House Estate Sales)

  6. Pair of Round Loveseat Chairs with Gold Tone Bases (Modern Day Auctions)

  7. Pair of Orange Ceramic Tabletop Vases (Clearing House Estate Sales)


Other Picks Not to Miss:



AN: How would you describe your style?

JB: A modern-eclectic-glamazon that’s filled to the brim with character, color, clever finds and is cozy to all who enter.

Auction Ninja

Photo credit: Jessica Brigham


AN: What got you interested in estate sales/thrifting/etc. ?

JB: My deepest roots go back to prancing around flea markets and decorating the home I grew up in with my Mom. Come to find out in recent years, we were practicing feng shui principles and didn’t even know it! Since then, I’ve been smitten with the thrill of the hunt, regularly keeping my eyes peeled for interesting and eclectic pieces that just might pop up at the most unexpected time. Not to mention, I’m a diehard haggler and love a good bargain. 


 Auction Ninja

Photo credit: Jessica Brigham


AN: What items do you always find yourself bidding on?

JB: I’m often traipsing through auctions for colorful, unique and unusual items and/or furnishings that speak to me. I particularly love older pieces that are imperfectly perfect—perhaps a little dinged up, painted with a patina, etc. Not to mention, the goldmine of cool tools and architectural salvage. Sifting through past favorites, I’ve got yellow and chrome bedroom furniture, a velvet purple sectional (give me all the velvet!), a brass plated leaf table lamp, a killer tiger oak filing cabinet, a chic mid century modern chandelier, tons of neat sculptures, glassware and vibrant artworks. I love wandering through new and familiar vendors to see the items of the past and dream of the new life that I could bestow upon them, whether for my own home or a kickass client project. 


AN: What’s your all-time favorite AuctionNinja find?

JB: Hands down, my favorite AuctionNinja purchase was one of my very firsts. About four-ish years ago when I launched this creative endeavor, my home was starting to undergo a vibrant and bold design change. I had a vision in my mind that was slowly fulfilled over time. One of the first pieces I procured at an online auction was a massive, custommade, two-tier marble and brass console table that reflected my love for all things gaudy and glam. The best part: I paid $44 for it!! Quite possibly because no one else was crazy enough to take on the task of hauling such a dreamy 300-400 lb. console. Proud to say I moved this table together with my husband and our marriage survived. 

AN: What tips and advice do you have for new AuctionNinja bidders?

JB: If you’re an online auction newb, I’d say there’s a couple of things you can do to be fruitful in your search: 1) If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, scroll through the available auctions and scope out the main auction images that strike your attention. The likelihood is you’re going to be into what’s being auctioned off on the other side. 2) If you’re someone who knows what they want, save time and use the search tool to seek out said finds and check back for new items on the reg. 3) Follow items you love and hold out until the end, you may be pleasantly surprised at the amazing things you can score at an even more incredible price. Livin’ that thrifty life, baby!

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