Fall Decor Ideas: 8 Expert Tips to Creating the Perfect Autumn Look

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Aside from the colorful leaves and the pumpkin spice lattes, refreshing your home decor is a fall staple to look forward to in the rapidly approaching season. It’s a great time to up the ante with your design ideas. Get creative and experiment with some of these tips to bring a taste of the season inside your home.

1. Swap in Some Seasonal Colors

Add some other subtle fall colors to the scheme in your home. Go vintage shopping and find some darker and leaf-colored decorative items that you love. 

Dori Turner of Dori Turner Interiors predicts "we'll see a lot of mustard and sage in this fall's color scheme. You can easily add these fall hues to your home by switching out throw pillows, adding a cozy throw blanket to a chair or sofa, hanging a wreath on the door and using autumn foliage on your fireplace mantle, hutch or bookshelf. 

Give your home a vintage fall feel by adding mums to an antique crock, hanging a wreath over a vintage printer's tray, adding some fall stems to milk glass vases, or placing a faux pumpkin on a stack of old books.”



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2. Layer Your Decor

Layering is another creative way to transition your home from summer to cooler months. Use vintage and secondhand containers to hold pumpkins, leaves, apples and other items that get you more into the autumn mood.

"Using your vintage collections of milk glass, cloches, candlesticks etc to display pumpkins or other fall associated decor pieces. As an example, I placed a small faux pumpkin on top of my antique milk glass candy dishes. I also used a thrifted cloche to display a pinecone," says Turner.

Elizabeth Porter of Old Maple Home says, "layering collections is a current trend I am seeing in decor. For example, I placed various sized thrifted vintage frames on my fireplace mantle with a collection of vintage brass candlesticks. Add in your faux fall garland and dried florals.

Use salvaged drawers or boxes to display fall decor on top of a tall piece of furniture, such as a hutch. The height will help the display be seen.  As an example, I found an old antique drawer in my basement that was chippy and weathered. I cleaned it up and added it on top of my hutch and placed a unique thrifted basket on top stuffed with faux pumpkins."



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3. Copper is Queen

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When layering, consider incorporating copper into your design. Don’t go overboard, but, if you find a copper container you can’t resist, add some flowers, pinecones, or other natural items to add a vintage look to your home.

“If you can find a pretty copper pail, you can add a bunch of faux or fresh-cut flowers into them to turn them into a gorgeous arrangement. You can polish the copper occasionally to give it a penny-new gleam, or you can let it take on a very rich patina over time. What's even better, copper goes well both indoors and out, so you can easily have this on your porch, patio, out in the yard, or inside on your table or sideboard. Add some rustic orange or yellow flowers, fake leaves, and a few gourds to top off the look," says Jen Stark of Happy DIY Home.

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4. Experiment with Vintage Glassware

Vintage glassware is a timeless way to decorate for any occasion-- and when tastefully, can be a perfect addition to your fall decor.

“Vintage colorful glassware is great because nothing says fall like antiquing and attending a flea market. The glassware helps create a wonderful display of colors with glass and objects. It is the perfect way to decorate your dining room table, entry table or fireplace with a bold splash of color,” says interior designer, Lisa Cini.

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5. Dim the Lights

Although often overlooked, lighting is key to creating a cozy fall atmosphere. Choose adjustable lighting options that you can dim to maximize that comfort factor in your home this fall.

“Lighting is key to a state of Zen, install smart lighting so that you can create the right mood in your home to relax and be cozy. Phillips Hue smart lighting is my favorite mood setter, I place them behind the TV to get a full entertainment experience, in the bathroom so I can soak in the tub, and on the porch to enhance the vibe while having a drink with friends in the evening - you can pick any color you want and change it on a whim. Smart, inexpensive, and easy,” Cini explains.



6. Natural Displays

Invite some of fall’s natural beauty inside your home. Add some subtle elements of nature to your home decor for a rustic yet elegant fall look. And don’t just retire your flowers for the fall season- replace the bright-colored spring and summer ones with autumn hues. 

Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey recommends "creating a quaint and cottage display in your home by using a vintage or antique bowl, pitcher, or another piece of fine china. Fill your “vase” with seasonal flowers and greenery. You could even use dried flowers and grasses for a low-maintenance and long-lasting display. This embraces the idea of a fall harvest and gives your home a touch of cottage core, which is trending right now."

Interior designer, Dori Turner shares, "you can also freshen up your front door and porch area and get it ready to welcome guests with a fall twist. Swap out your bright summer flowers for mums or ferns, and pair them with a sweet potato vine or ornamental grasses. They look fantastic in containers flanking your front door, and you can add a bright plaid-colored welcome mat to help balance out the look.”


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7. Incorporate Textiles

Make the space more homey by adding decorative pillows, big blankets, and comfy throws to your couches.

"When the temperature starts to drop, you want to spend more time curled up in a nice cozy blanket. Create a warm feel in your home with large decorative pillows in cozy materials, such as flannel, wool, mohair, or faux fur. Then drape a couple of throw blankets over the sofa or bed. This creates a visual effect that makes the room feel warmer. It also puts blankets readily within reach for curling up in,” Delmonico explains.


8. Break Up the Space

Although big, open spaces are on trend right now, fall is all about comfort and coziness. Use your smaller corners and spaces to create more of a homey feel this season.

“Another way to increase the coziness is by closing the space in. You can do this by placing a room divider in an open floor plan. Get creative with your divider by choosing a bookshelf that’s open on both sides or a large painting that hangs from the ceiling. A few potted plants lined up can bring nature indoors while also dividing the space.” says DelMonico.


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