Design & Style | March 31,2021
Collected Perspectives: Paul Richmond Howell
Auction Ninja

For over 34 years Paul Howell worked in the antiques business on both sides of the Atlantic. He owned and ran businesses in Connecticut, New York city and back in England at Barnwell Castle.  After selling Berengar Antiques in 2000, he worked for two years for the Duke of Bedford in charge of and managing the vast collection of antiques, paintings, porcelain etc. at Woburn Abbey Antiques Centre. On returning to the USA , Paul found it difficult to stop buying and selling. As he put it, "once collecting is in your blood, it's there for life, but nowadays, with the advent and growing popularity of online auctions, the business, or merely the fun of buying, can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home."

Paul's discoveries of the week range from original artwork from an animation legend to 19th century mahogany shelving. 
See all of Paul's picks below: 
Auction Ninja
We had a chance to chat with Paul about his favorite AuctionNinja finds and the types of items he can't resist.
"My favorite purchase in recent weeks must be either a wonderful lithograph entitled 'The Flute Player' by Marc Chagall or an etching of a self portrait by the great master Rembrandt done in 1639," said Paul.
"I am always attracted to paintings and bronzes. One can always find a small piece of wall or a shelf for another small acquisition.  Recently, I must confess that my family has  suggested a de-acquisitioning programme of my collection might be in order. So watch this space for some little gems coming on the market soon. I guess this means I'm still in the 'buying and selling' business after all."
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