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Collected Perspectives: ft. Phoebe Schreiner
AuctionNinja Guest Curator Series: Phoebe Schreiner

In this week's edition of our guest curator series, Phoebe Schreiner (@phoebeschreiner) shares some of her favorite AuctionNinja finds of the week. 


Phoebe is an award-winning real estate agent living in her “new” 1790’s farmhouse on the Connecticut Shoreline and describes her style as  "classic New England with an infusion of restored antiques, nautical inspiration and the unexpected modern twist."


Check out Phoebe's picks below: 


 Auction Ninja


1. A Pair of Carved Alabaster Lamps

2. A 19th Century English Chippendale Fall Front Desk

3. Vintage Chaise from Early 1900's with Custom Upholstery

4. Gorgeous Pair of Fireside Chairs by Sherrill

5. French Cherry Wood Commode, Circa 1850

6. Russian Bookcase Cabinet, Circa 1830

7. Swivel Tulip Chair


Here are some other great selections (not pictured):


Serena and Lily Double Hanging Rattan Chair

Cobalt Blue and White Asian Decorative Lidded Urn

Federal American Mahogany Sideboard, Circa 1810

Modern Wingback Chair by J Bertrum with Accent Pillow




Q&A With Phoebe


AN: How would you describe your taste/style?

PS: Classic New England with an infusion of restored antiques, nautical inspiration and the unexpected modern twist. 

AN: What got you interested in secondhand, vintage and antique items?

PS: The story behind the pieces and the quality of construction. Today’s furniture often lacks sustenance and solidarity.  Secondhand, vintage and antique pieces are one of a kind with a richness of character you can’t find in a catalogue piece.  I want my furniture and style to be my own and not something you can pick off a page.    

AN: What are the one or two things that you always find yourself bidding on?

PS: Ginger Jars, small wood boxes and vintage brass mirrors.  They make my heart flutter. 

AN: What's your favorite AuctionNinja purchase?

PS: Just one?! Our gorgeous dining room table.  My generation seems to have lost the art of a classic dinner party and today’s homeowners no longer seem to want a dining room or dining room table.  To me, the dining room can become the jewel box of your home.  It’s the place where lifelong memories can be made and hopefully the room is so special no one wants to leave the table. Our Dining Room is painted Ben Moore Kendall Charcoal, decorated with many pieces from AuctionNinja and infused with a pop of modern in the lighting and mirrors.  I walk thru the room many times a day and every time, I run my hand along the table and appreciate it’s character, flaws and all.  It’s my favorite room in our “new” 1790’s farm house and my very favorite AuctionNinja piece.  Which is saying a lot as so much of my house has been styled from my finds on this site.   

AN: What's your absolute favorite item ever purchased through an estate sale or online auction?

PS: The most divine wood and brass mirror with this incredible brass floral work at the top. It makes my heart flutter. I found it in an antique shop in Collinsville, CT.  The first time I saw it, I knew it was something special, but interestingly did not purchase it and was not sure if it was too over the top. The mirror stayed on my mind for weeks. When I found myself down the road from the store a few weeks later, I tried my luck and the mirror was still available. I walked right up to it, took it down, paid for it and walked out the door without a second glance. It now hangs beautifully in my dining room and is among my most precious pieces. 

AN: Any tips or advice for AuctionNinja newbies?

PS: Don’t overthink it!  If you like it, go for it.  There is nothing worse than wishing you had bid just a few dollars more for a piece that intrigues you. I lost out on this really special vintage Blue Ginger Jar and kick myself on the daily for it!  If you don’t love it, you can resell it again!  AND set the reminders on your cell phone. I love that feature!  

AN: What was your first AuctionNinja purchase?

PS: Oh, this was a good story.  We were in the middle of negotiating the purchase on our new farm house and I did what I tell EVERY one of my real estate clients not to do!  When my clients are under agreement, I encourage them to decorate and dream, but not to purchase anything yet.  Like a cobbler with bad shoes, I took none of my own advice.  At a friend’s suggestion, we checked out AuctionNinja and found ourselves bidding on a Black Rock Galleries auction for a quintessential (old!) beach house in Madison filled with everything from tables to chests to candlesticks.  We had dinner plans with friends and I literally brought my laptop to the table so I wouldn’t miss out on the items that had caught my eye. Over Chinese Dumplings, I bid on over a dozen items which are now scattered around my home.  


AN: Did you ever miss an item and regret it?

PS: More than a few times!  One evening I had to show houses to clients and asked Doug to keep an eye on this really cool mid-century modern desk I wanted for my office. I gave him a budget and he dutifully stuck to it.  Darling as he was to mind the budget, the desk sold for $15 more than my budget. Needless to say, we did not drink any wine together THAT night. I’m still grumpy about that desk!


AN: What #ANFind was the most surprising or memorable?

PS: This is sweet and involves the hubby redeeming himself over the desk debacle!  My grandmother had a house on Nantucket for many, many years. She has this simple coffee table with a glass top in which she displayed seashells and beach glass she had collected over the years.  The table is one of my most fond memories of our “Grandmatucket”. It was lost in a house sale and needless to say, my heart was a little crushed. Knowing I loved that table and all it represented, Doug found a similar one on AN for $15 (insane!), drove an hour to the pick-up and surprised me. The new table has a place of price in our master bedroom and is among my most cherished possessions. We just need to start filling it with shells of our own.  


AN: What the best score you’ve ever made?

PS: It’s mind blowing the cost of a good headboard. Justifying thousands of dollars for this piece of furniture makes my creative and cost conscious inner voice quiver.  Imagine what you can do with a thousand dollars on AN?  I could decorate an entire room.  Twice in some cases! When we were looking for a new headboard, we came across a beautiful maple one that we scored for $5.  It was in MINT condition and no one wanted it.  But we did!  Every time I climb into bed at night I chuckle that our lovely headboard was less than one latte.  



More about Phoebe

Phoebe is an award-winning real estate agent living in her “new” 1790’s farmhouse on the Connecticut Shoreline with her two teenage daughters and husband. She is passionate about design and is constantly being asked for creative and sustainable decorating solutions for homes, on social media and from friends and clients.  Phoebe is known around town to be the go-to for anything Real Estate as well where to find the most delicious seafood, gorgeous flower arrangement or relaxing yoga studio.


Her love of design and antiques began at a young age, while watching her mother restore an antique farmhouse in Newtown CT, which coincidently looks very similar to the farmhouse she just bought.  She also spent her life summering on Nantucket at her grandmother’s one-of-a-kind upside-down house, where the kitchen was on the second floor!

When not working with clients, you can find her riding a horse, on the yoga mat, or sipping coffee at East Wharf Beach on the Shoreline in Connecticut. Instagram: @phoebeschreiner



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