Vendor Resources | July 30,2019
Becoming an AuctionNinja Seller | Auctioneer Software
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How do I become an AuctionNinja seller?

If you are in the estate liquidation business (i.e., auction house or estate sale company) and wish to learn more about AuctionNinja’s platform, please visit our Software page.

If you wish to proceed and register as a vendor, please visit our Vendor Sign Up page. You must submit your company details, complete and submit the vendor agreement (online pdf), and click the agree to the terms button on the page. We also offer an AuctionNinja limited time demo login so you can see if AuctionNinja is right for you.


Please note:

If you are a homeowner/renter (individual not in the estate liquidation business) and wish to sell personal estate items or have a “one-up” sale, please feel free to contact any of our AuctionNinja vendors who service your area. Vendors may be found on our Marketplace

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