What Can I Sell?
Auction House Galleries USA provides a full range of estate liquidation services in the New York tri-state area. If liquidating an entire estate, Auction House Galleries will handle it all − from the garden tools in the shed to the Georg Jensen silver to the baby clothes in the attic. Everything but the house.
Some of our clients are downsizing. Some are relocating. Others have storage units to clear out. A single couch or a full dining set, fine or costume jewelry, musical instruments, collectibles − one item or one thousand, contemporary or antique – you name it, we accept it and will customize our services to accommodate your situation.
Why Use Us?
Liquidating an entire estate can be daunting and stressful. Many clients hold estate sales following the passing of a loved one. When you entrust Auction House Galleries with your liquidation sale, we do the work for you. We oversee every step, from consultation to completion, taking the weight of selling a lifetime’s worth of belongings off your shoulders. And saving you time. You won’t have to lift a finger or a broomstick. All that’s left is to turn off the lights and lock the door.
Some clients continue to pay storage fees for years because they feel overwhelmed by the prospect of having to sort through the contents of their unit. Auction House Galleries comes to their rescue, turning dad’s old tuba and mom’s Irish linens collection into profits.
Using Auction House Galleries is also good for the environment. By recycling your goods (as opposed to tossing them) you not only monetize items you no longer want, you lighten our landfills!
Auction House Galleries provides an alternative to traditional on-site auctions. Our online liquidations and sales platform reaches a vast curated audience, assuring you receive welcome financial return with the least amount of inconvenience.
Auction House Galleries is not only for homeowners. Our services are a great way for charitable institutions, non-profits, schools, and churches to raise a significant sum of money in a short amount of time. Donated items can be auctioned through our website and donors can have fun engaging in the “live” bidding wars.
Regardless of your situation, we are committed to making the process smooth and successful.
Auction House Galleries USA does the work for you. Our platform allows us to serve clients with discretion, ease, and limited interruption.
We will provide you with a free, professional consultation to decide how best to monitize your estate and/or property. Our team will research, photograph, describe, measure and market the collection. Our auctions are typically “live” for 10-14 days following a viewing period to allow for maximum exposure and results.
Your partnership with us includes a free consultation, a customized pre-auction preparation plan, and full accounting and settlement within 30 days of your auction's realization.
We love helping individuals, businesses, antique dealers, and estate owners and 'downsizers'; opening new doors and maximizing their selling potential. 
Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation, and to learn how we can best serve you.