Solve A Problem / FAQ

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Q. How large should a typical "sale" be?

A. Most times a minimum of 3K in value will justify a sale on our website. However, we will consider a smaller sale if the value:labor ratio makes sense and our calendar can accommodate. 

Q. How long does an Auction Dogs online auction take?

A. The complete process from first meeting through the pick-up can take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Q. How long will an auction run on the website?

A. Most of the time an auction will run for seven days.

Q. I'm ready to contact Auction Dogs, what info do I need up front?

A. It is preferable for you to have a list of items you would like to auction as well as open time on your schedule where we can meet with you.

Q. What all does the Auction Consulatant do??

A. They are your contact for all auction services. First they will perform the complimentary assessment. After proposal acceptance the auction consultant will schedule an appointment to begin to prepare your sale. This includes item cataloging, staging, photography, measurements and descriptions. These actions create your on-line auction. The coordinate and attend the onsite pick up after the auction closes.

Q. What areas of Arizona does Auction Dogs cover?

A. We currently serve Pima, Pinal, Maricopa and Cochise Counties.

Q. What happens after the auction closes?

A. After the sale closes, usually the following Saturday or Sunday, the auction consultant returns to the property with their team to coordinate the pick-up of all items won.

Q. What is the Complimentary Assessment?

A. Shortly after you contact us, one of our auction consultants will contact you to set up an oniste evaluation. During the visit, they will walk through the items you’d like to sell, assess value and develop an auction proposal. 

Q. Why would I choose an Auction Dogs Online Auction?

A.  Our online auctions are perfect for estate, moving or downsizing (or if you have an excess of quality items you would normall donate to charity).