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With Us You Can Sit and Stay!

Auction Dogs Online Services start with a complimentary on-site evaluation, during flexible hours scheduled at your convenience. Our commission rates are competitive and all-inclusive, we handle everything from sorting, cataloging, research, staging, photography, marketing, advertising and staff. Once the sale is completed we coordinate and attend onsite pick-up.

You Can Fetch A Broader Audience!

With a traditional estate or moving sales you are limited to the local population that will invest their time to shop. Auction Dogs Online format allows bidders to take their time from the comfort of their home to view all of your items on their computer or mobile devices. Anyone can shop from anywhere,at any time, while your sale is live. Each sale item is easily viewed with multiple photographs and researched descriptions. Smaller shippable items can be available for out of state bidders which increases your viewing audience! 

Auction Dogs Online Services levels the playing field for all buyers. Oftentimes, with the frantic nature of traditional sales, aggressive buyers and dealers might intimidate newer or more relaxed buyers. The online auction format allows everyone an equal chance to see & bid on every item in the sale. This, in turn,  increases the overall revenue of the sale.

We Provide Unleashed Selling!

Auction Dogs Online Auction Services sniffs out the most money for you. Unlike a traditional estate sale, 98-100% of items will actually sell online, leaving you with more money in your pocket. This also decreases the possibility of having multiple tables of miscellaneous “stuff” left over. We dogmatically assess your items during your complimentary evaluation – our research team skillfully describes each piece for the highest return.

You Can Retrieve More Revenue!

A traditional estate, moving or downsizing sale relies solely on the knowledge and expertise of the sale company to determine the final pricing, which despite anyone’s best effort, is not an exact science. Auction Dogs Online Services opens your items up to a competitive bidding environment where prices are determined by the consumer, and often exceed expectations. Bidders might be willing to pay more due to convenience, nostalgia or competition. Plus, the competitive & timed bidding environment tends to excite bidders and drive pricing.

You Won't Be Hounded!

Not interested in having strangers poking through your property? Auction Dogs Online format does not allow that, eliminating the likelihood of theft. Bidders do not ever enter your premises to view items during the Auction or Pick up. All payments are made by pre-approved debit or credit cards when bidders register, and processed within 4 hours of the close of the sale. This eliminates the risk of bounced checks & counterfeit cash. Your items are paid for before the buyers even arrive for pick up! Shipping on small items are pre-paid by the buyer and are packaged and mailed by Auction Dogs.

And... Since all items are sold online you can follow the bidding live. Once the sale is complete you will receive an itemized inventory list & settlement check within 2 weeks.

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