Call us at (321) 987-0406.

We understand the challenges of taking care of the estate of a loved one. Let us help you deal with the 'things'. Stop by our Cape Canaveral location to talk about your situation. We can help you make some decisions and move forward. 

We can do...

  • Estate Clean-outs
  • Consignment
  • Outright Purchase
  • Sales in Our Cape Canaveral Antique Shop
  • Sales in Our eBay Shop
  • Sales in Our Online Auction House
  • Access to Our Recommended Experts for Specialty Items (unique collections, jewelry, firearms)
  • Access to Additional Recommended Service Providers (cleaning, inspection, property repairs)

How we are different: Unlike many estate sale companies, we are a local property owner with a retail store that is open to the public. You will always know where to find us. We want you to have a positive experience (to the extent possible, considering the situation) as we work with you to 're-home' the items that belonged to your loved one. Happy Hour Antiques & Auctions is a licensed Auction Business in the state of Florida (License # AB 3932), and Katie Morrissey is a licensed Auctioneer in the state of Florida (License # AU 5219).

Areas we serve:

  • Cape Canaveral
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Merritt Island
  • Palm Bay