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About Us

Welcome to our online auction house!

The owner of  Happy Hour Antiques & Auctions is Katie Morrissey. In 2020, Katie opened the retail shop in one of the pair of space-age buildings she owns, at 8075 and 8085 North Atlantic Ave in historic Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Katie's specialty is helping you decide how to handle the 'things' that belonged to your loved one--and then making it happen. Perhaps your family just needs fast closure, and some income to divide between family members. Perhaps you prefer to take more time, to get the most possible value for some collections or higher-value items. Or perhaps you are already overwhelmed with your life elsewhere, and you just need someone to take up the reins and get it done. 

Depending on your interests, the items in an estate may be divided into groups that go to donation (such as a church), to sell quickly (in online auctions or to selected individual collectors), or to sell more slowly and deliberately (locally in our retail shop, or internationally in our eBay store).

Throughout the process, we make sure you have a clear inventory of your estate items. We have heard enough horror stories about things 'disappearing' at the hands of Florida or Georgia estate sale companies, and we want no part of that.

We can work with you, your attorney, or your real estate agent. Call Katie or stop by to talk. 

Our Florida DBPR Auction Business License Number: AB 3932.

Katie Morrissey's DBPR Auctioneer License Number: AU 5219