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Moving/Estate Sales


  • Our platform is perfect for liquidating a property full of household items. Furniture, artwork, collectibles, electronics, tools, antiques, jewelry and designer clothing are just some of the popular items our customers look for.
  • A traditional estate sale invites strangers to shop in your home. Our Simple Sale 123 process is non-intrusive. Customers from all over can view your items and do all of the shopping online via credit card. 
  • Cleaning out a full house or keeping things in storage can be costly. Why pay for these alternatives when you can get paid for your items instead?


Business Owners/Re-Sellers


  • The Simple Sale 123 platform is also perfect for people who are continuously selling things. Do you own a store or actively buy and re-sell? We can help you move inventory while promoting your business at the same time! 
  • The Simple Sale process also removes haggling and potential no shows from buyers unlike other online platforms. You can set starting prices and have customers bid against each other to ensure your items sell for the best offer. Then everything is paid for online before they come to pick it up.
  • Selling hundreds of items one at a time can take several months. With us, you can upload hundreds of items in the same sale and have everything sold in a week! Then make room for new inventory and do it again! 


Single Items/Collections/Small sales


  • Whether you’d like to sell one valuable item or it’s time to sell that collection you’ve had for a while let us know! You don’t need a full house/store filled with items to have a sale. Maybe you just cleaned out the basement or garage and have some things you would hate to go to waste. A Simple Sale 123 can still be right for you. 



No matter your situation, we always keep it simple. Just take photos, upload and sell! There are no hidden costs or upfront fees. We handle all of the billing, credit card processing and sales tax. If you would like to sell your items contact us today because its as easy as 123.